Ibishu eMirproto 1.0

The electric prototype miramar

  1. jasel
    in 1966. ibishu show a electric prototype car called Ibishu eMirproto (eMirproto means electric miramar prototype)

    this car adds 2 electric prototype configuration

    The normal eMirproto
    Features : it looks quickly fast, full colorable things, red interior, GTZ suspension, sport seats and mirror is on the door

    And the eMirproto Grand Sport
    Features : it faster than normal one, sport tires, spoiler and race suspension

    Known issue about eMirproto Grand Sport : the hubcap can be easily fall off, the wheel can be explode while jumping or something


    NOTE: REQUIRE THE Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit MOD TO WORK!


    1. screenshot_2022-05-08_19-48-37.png
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