Beta Iketani's Silvia S13 Skin for Ibishu Saga 1.0

It's not an S13, but it's close enough.

  1. AxzoYT
    Just a simple 2 tone skin with Akina Speed Stars decals. The PDN file in the folder is modifiable (but since the Saga mod isn't complete, I couldn't fully recreate it, when it is finished, you can enable the hood decal in the PDN.) Feel free to also use the files to create your own skins or decals. Make sure to remove the trunk lettering and color the fender flares, and the metallic/roughness/clear coat can be adjusted in the .json.

    The Ibishu Saga mod belongs to Kueso and can be found here:


    1. Screenshot_13563.png
    2. IketaniDrift.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Bilpak
    Version: 1.0
    Looks nice
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