Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas.

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    A cool idea from a nice folk! Leave a Subscription for BeamJ!

    Did you ever want to drive all kinds of cars that you might not know?

    Then This pack is prefect for you!
    It contains 20 Cars that go from Hypercars and beautiful Concept cars to Performance Pickups, 22hp Sedans and a Lawn mower. Yes you read that right. They can all be tuned to go... fast...

    Right now there are following brands in here:

    1:Koenigsegg 2:Lamborghini 3:Saleen (My fav. brand) 3:GMC 4:Volkswagen
    5:Opel (Vortex in game) 7:Trabant 8:Audi 9:Peugeot 10:Honda 11:BMW
    12:Ford 13:Rimac

    The Replicas are pretty detailed and take many hours to do, but cetainly represent what they’re supposed to well!

    Part 2 is out!! Download it now! Or better- subscribe!
    Here are all the cars that are in the pack:
    HighresScreenshot00244.png HighresScreenshot00044.png HighresScreenshot00045.png
    Koenigsegg CCR
    Performance stats
    807HP at 7000rpm
    (can be tuned to 1189hp)

    Redline at 8000rpm
    (can be tuned to 8500rpm)

    0-100 in 2.6s
    (can be tuned to 2.2s)

    Top Speed of 406km/h
    (can be tuned to 450km/h)

    Weight of 1370kg

    Features a working Supercharger
    Additional Information:
    The CCR features an extreme 4.7 liter Twin Supercharged V8 engine thats sending an enormous 807 Horses to the rear wheels. No TCS included. You wont need it tho when you can control this swedish monstrocity! It reaches an astounding 395km/h top speed (irl, 406 in game) when you go all out!

    It sprints to 0-100km/h in just about 3.2 seconds
    Built in 2006
    HighresScreenshot00243.png HighresScreenshot00221.png HighresScreenshot00228.png
    Koenigsegg CCX
    Performance stats
    823HP at 7000rpm
    (can be tuned to 2804hp)

    Redline at 8000rpm
    (can be tuned to 8500rpm)

    0-100 in 2.8s
    (can be tuned to 2.2s)

    Top Speed of 406km/h
    (can be tuned to 711km/h)

    Weight of 1389kg

    Features a working Supercharger

    Additional Information:
    The simple speed of it is amazing and the design only adds onto that!

    The CCX features a 823hp Twin Supercharged V8 engine that gets it moving to 390+km/h (irl, 406 in game) Its made with carbon fiber panels and the best of the best tech.
    I mean that what ya get for a 1mil+€ car!
    It has a Manual transmission, because thats what every super/hypercar had back in the early 2000s. The engine just sounds mean and is absolutely worth the money!
    Built in 2008
    HighresScreenshot00245.png HighresScreenshot00193.png HighresScreenshot00202.png
    Saleen S5s Raptor concept car
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds
    661 Horsepower
    at 7200rpm
    764nm of Torque at 4100rpm
    Redline at 7400rpm
    Top Speed of 335km/h
    Weight of 1524kg

    Features a working Supercharger
    Additional Information:
    Its performance is pretty darn good. 0-100 in 3.2 secs. 660 horsepower. 854nm of torque. 1524kg. Prices starting at only 184.000$!

    If Saleen wouldnt have gone insolvent (is now doing fine again) in 2009, This would be the new budget Supercar!
    It offers a Supercharged 5.0 liter V8 engine that screams as you give it more air to burn!
    Built in 2008
    HighresScreenshot00227.png HighresScreenshot00376.png HighresScreenshot00373.png
    Saleen S281 Extreme 06' my best one so far! I LOVE SALEEN!
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 4 Seconds

    549 Horsepower at 6200rpm
    Top speed of 281km/h
    Redline at 7000rpm
    Weight of 1646kg

    Features a working Supercharger

    -> view showcase to find out how it sounds like
    Additional Information:
    I love Mustangs and especially Saleen. So i made this. The most exclusive, expensive, handbuilt (mostly) and powerful Mustang of them all.
    With prices starting at 49k without options, it sure that this is exclusive. The cars were and still are, built by in america with some premium quality. This Mustang got a complete restyling, starting with a full bodykit, A production number on the front bumper, a classy Dashboard by Saleen, custom suspension, A 550 HP Supercharged V8, and full leather interior of course.
    Its extreme in every way you look at it. Also fun fact, the paint alone on this car costs 15k. So many layers of special paint and specialized labor are required.
    Built in 2006
    HighresScreenshot00225.png HighresScreenshot00399.png HighresScreenshot00400.png
    Rimac Concept_One Concept car. W/ ELECTRIC SOUND!
    Click spoiler for Showcase Video!
    Performance stats
    0-100 in 2.5 seconds
    (can be tuned to 2.2s)

    1223 horsepower at 11000rpm
    (can be tuned to 1370hp)

    Redline at 11000rpm
    Top Speed of 365km/h
    Weight of 1900kg


    Features TUNING PARTS!
    Additional Information:
    Designed to be the fastest. The Rimac is impressive from all angles you look at it. Stunning design packed with a 0-100 time of 2.5 seconds, a low center of gravity and *caugh* 1900kg of weight. Electric motors come at their cost y'know. Although my replica uses a Boxer 6 engine as replacement for the engines and for the low center of gravity, as there are no electric engines in Automation.

    Now you can recreate the moment where Richard Hammond binned a Rimac in a corner, that then proceeded to catch on fire for the next week.
    Unfortunateley this one doesnt do that.
    But what it does, is sounding electric! As ive borrowed a sound file from an elecric car mod, with permission of the author of course.
    And i can be proud to have built the second electric Automation car, as well as having built the first electric sounding one!
    Built in 2012
    HighresScreenshot00232.png HighresScreenshot00305.png HighresScreenshot00306.png
    Peugeot 907 concept car
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds

    513 Horsepower at 7400rpm
    Redline at 7700rpm
    Top Speed of 315km/h
    Weight of 1434kg

    Additional Information:
    The Peugeot 907 Is a concept Supercar built in 2004. It was a show off of what the company was able to create. It shows new styling techniques of Peugeot. One of the most apperent Design spectacle certainly are the exposed Intake trumpets under a see through panel and the Side Exhausts.
    The engine is made out of two 3 liter V6 engines, forming a V12. The camshafts were specifically manufactured for this one.
    Other than other concept cars, this one is perfectly drivable on the road. It has ABS but no airbags. The Dashboard has a Very small and very early Infotainment system, the size of an 1st gen Ipad...Maybe even smaller.
    It has a 6 speed Sequential transmission that sends al the power to the rear wheels.
    Peugeot also played with the idea of bringing this car into a series production with about 3000 examples being built for the price of 150.000€...but they never did it, unfortunatley. This step could have raised thier reputation a bit. I mean, the car certainly was and is a stunner and im sure the cars would have sold well. But this car will stay a concept...
    Built in 2004
    HighresScreenshot00223.png HighresScreenshot00428.png HighresScreenshot00429.png
    Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0
    Performance stats
    551 horsepower at 7300rpm
    (can be tuned to 2745hp)

    Redline at 8000rpm
    (can be tuned to 8500rpm)

    0-100 in 3.5 seconds
    (can be tuned to 2.1s)

    Top speed of 330km/h
    (can be tuned to 610km/h)

    Weight of 1625kg

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    This car is absoluteley mad inside and out! A big Naturally aspirated 6 liter V12 is pushing this masterpiece towards a top speed of 330km/h. Shifting is the job of the driver and traction control? Who needs that anyway...The good old days of Supercars...

    Whats surprising is that this car actually is AWD and not RWD like i expected. Also, if youre using headphones...Turn the volume down...because I 'forgot' to put in Mufflers in the exhaust system hehe
    Built in 2000
    HighresScreenshot00235.png HighresScreenshot00251.png HighresScreenshot00252.png
    Audi Nuvolari Quattro concept car
    Performance stats
    601 Horsepower at 7000rpm
    850+ Torque at 2700rpm
    Top Speed of 265km/h (electronically limited)
    0-100 in 3.8 seconds
    Redline at 7000rpm
    Weight of 2125kg
    Additional Information:
    The Audi Nuvolari Quattro Is one of 3 concept cars that Audi presented in 2003. They are Mindblowing, from the exterior and interior as well as the performance. It is powered by a 5 liter Bi Turbo V10 Direct injection motor, that has been build by Lamborghini. The same engine just without the Turbos has been used in the Lamborghini Gallardo.
    The engine outputs an outstanding 600PS and above 750nm of torque, but its limited to that. The Nuvolari was the base of the Aufi A8.
    Like every concept, the Nuvolari has quite weird and cool features. Unlike some concepts, this car works perfectly fine!

    Built in 2003
    HighresScreenshot00233.png HighresScreenshot00290.png HighresScreenshot00291.png
    Audi Le Mans Quattro concept car
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 2.93 Seconds

    610 Horsepower at 5700rpm
    Top Speed of 335km/h
    Redline at 7500rpm
    Weight of 1527kg
    Additional Information:
    The Le Mans is a 610hp 4WD German Supercar concept that let the company go into a new aera of car design and building.
    As a concept car does, it featured some pretty neat stuff, such as LED lights and an active Wing and a lot of other cool stuff.
    The 5 liter Bi Turbo V10 engine is provided by Lamborghini. The same engine, just without the Turbos, is going into the Lamborghini Gallardo.
    Built in 2003
    HighresScreenshot00234.png HighresScreenshot00270.png HighresScreenshot00269.png
    Audi Pikes Peak Quattro concept car
    Performance stats
    501 Horsepower at 6200rpm
    850+ Torque at 3100rpm
    0-100 in 4.8 seconds
    Top Speed of 272km/h
    Weight of 2293kg
    Redline at 6500rpm
    Additional Information:
    This is not just any Audi SUV. Its THE Audi SUV! With 500hp and 600nm of torque its got some mighty performance going back in 2003 and even today!
    The Pikes Peak Quattro is named after the famous Hill climb course ,you all know and love, after Aufi has won various races there.
    The Pikes Peak concept has a Direct injected Bi Turbo V8 engine and full carbon fibre body. Its styling is unique and fits with the other 2 concepts Aufi revealed. The car obviously has Audis famous and effective Quattro drive system that gets s*it done!
    Built in 2003
    HighresScreenshot00224.png HighresScreenshot00421.png HighresScreenshot00413.png
    Volkswagen Pheaton W12 AWD

    Performance stats
    -458 Horsepower at 7000rpm

    -0-100km/h in 5.30 Seconds
    -Top speed of 280km/h
    -Redline at 7000rpm
    -Weight of 2383kg

    Additional information:

    This is one of the most underapprechiated cars that I know. Its the ultimate sleeper that goes with a lot of style. Most people will think 'Oh, its just a passat...' Then you release the 450 horses coming out of VWs newly invented W12 engine, and you're gone! This car has only been featured in one game so far, in Midnight Club 3 to be exact. For me, this would be my ultimate grandpa mobile. Its a High-end luxury car with style! the most you could get out of the Passat body. But unfortunatley, this car was an absolute sales flop, has people, as stupid as they were, didnt trust the VW badge to make anything good and stuck with buying Aufis etc. But they were wrong! The Pheaton was the best luxury car you could get at the time! But that actually has its advantage! Now the cars dont cost 100+k like they did when they were new, but only 20+k!
    Built in 2005
    HighresScreenshot00247.png HighresScreenshot00185.png HighresScreenshot00186.png
    GMC Syclone
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 4.9 Seconds
    284 Horspower
    at 5700rpm
    Redline at 6000rpm
    Top Speed of 211km/h
    Weight of 1537kg
    Additional Information:
    Imagine its 1990 and you're GMC. What do you do? Of course! You build a Farrari beating AWD Performance Pickup with AWD and ABS!

    The Syclone was the first american pickup to feature ABS. The car unfortunately was a sales flop. Only a few thousands have been built and sold. Production was stopped a few years after release. It was pretty expensive and was a rather weird car for most people. But it hit the car magazines hard! Now prices are up to 20k for one of these. But here you can download it for free :D And destroy it infinite times
    Built in 1990
    HighresScreenshot00246.png HighresScreenshot00282.png HighresScreenshot00283.png
    GMC Typhoon
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 5.48 seconds
    284 Horsepower
    at 5700rpm
    Redline at 6000rpm
    Top Speed of 221km/h
    Weight of 1727kg
    Additional Information:
    Imagine it is 1990 and youre GMC. What do you do? Of course! You not only build a supercar beating Pickup, you also build a supercar beating SUV! The Typhoon was the big brother of the Syclone. Its as much of a supercar beater as his lighter Pickup brother. Unfortunatley also this Performance SUV was a sales flop too, so only a few thousand have been built and sold. Production has been stopped a few years after it started.

    But It also hit the Car magazines! I would love to own one at some day like so many other cars...but also this car is in the 20k+ price range now. But here it is for free as a download for Beam! Now you can drive it whenever you wish. And can infinitely crash it
    Built in 1991
    HighresScreenshot00229.png HighresScreenshot00341.png HighresScreenshot00342.png
    Ford Mustang GT 06'
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds

    (can be tuned to 2.3s)
    306 Horsepower at 6400rpm
    (can be tuned to 720hp)
    Redline at 7000rpm
    (can be tuned to 7500rpm)

    Top Speed of 233km/h

    (can be tuned to 302km/h)
    Weight of 1588kg

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    This Is Muscle in its purest form. Big V8. RWD. Heavy. Just perfect!

    Made in a time when Retro cars were in! Im sure you will enjoy it! No TCS included. Grab the wheel and have some fun!
    Built in 2006
    HighresScreenshot00228.png HighresScreenshot00358.png HighresScreenshot00359.png
    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 07'
    Performance stats
    507 Horsepower at 6300rpm
    0-100 in 5.03 Seconds
    Redline at 7000rpm
    Top Speed of 273km/h
    Weight of 1775kg
    Powercurve: WIP

    Features a working Supercharger
    Additional Information:
    The Shelby version of the 05' Mustang is everything else than normal.

    507 Horses power the rear wheels and carry the 1775kg of heavy american muscle car around. It corners like you would expect- OVERSTEER BROO!
    When you upset it, you're in for a spin! A spoiler up front and rear are there for some downforce and extra style.
    Built in 2007
    HighresScreenshot00173.png HighresScreenshot00174.png HighresScreenshot00175.png
    Opel Omega B Executive My irl car!!
    Performance stats
    219 Horsepower at 6000rpm
    (can be tuned to 598hp)
    490nm of Torque at 3600rpm
    (can be tuned to --nm)

    0-100km/h in 8.5 seconds
    (can be tuned to 2.4s)

    Top Speed of 249km/h

    (can be tuned to 309km/h)
    Weight of 1753kg
    Redline at 7000rpm

    (can be tuned to 7500rpm)

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    The Vortex Omega B is a replica of my real car, An Opel Omega B. Its a mid-class Sedan that offers luxury at low cost! The rear window features a Sunlight cover to darken the interior up. It also had an inbuilt Navigation screen and a BOSE sound system. It even had Automatic mirrors, that fold in so you dont have to worry that much about them when parking. That was really rare to find when this car came out, especially at that price point! The Opel V6 offers 220hp and a good sound. All that tech unfortunatley isnt featured in this replica but im just telling you a bit about the real one.

    Built in 2001
    HighresScreenshot00231.png HighresScreenshot00056.png HighresScreenshot00057.png
    Honda Odyssey 95' North America Spec. A Viewer suggestion from Fenneko
    Performance stats
    212 Horsepower at 6500rpm

    (can be tuned to 487hp)
    0-100km/h in 9.4 Seconds
    (can be tuned to 2.9s)
    Redline at 6500rpm
    (can be tuned to 7000rpm)
    Top Speed of 194km/h
    (can be tuned to 347km/h)
    Weight of 1929kg

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    Honda realeased back in 1994 the Odyssey Van. It was made for the North american market and also was sold under different names elsewhere.

    It was a Practican family hauler with 6 or 7 seats, with the last row of seats being removable. This here is the top model of the Odyssey, with a 200hp V6 engine. It was also offered with 150hp Inline 4s and with 4x4.
    Built in 1994
    HighresScreenshot00221.png HighresScreenshot00434.png HighresScreenshot00439.png
    Honda HF2622 HTE ITS A LAWN MOWER!!
    Performance statslmao
    13.8 Horsepower at 3000rpm

    (can be tuned to 117hp)
    Redline at 3000rpm
    (can be tuned to 5000rpm)
    0-100 in never lol EXEPT
    it can be tuned to 5.6s
    Top Speed of 46kmh
    (can be tuned to 224km/h)

    Weight of 243kg

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    This is the perfect vehicle for your garden work in beam!

    It has Decorative dials and levers.
    This 13.8hp mower will get its job done. Trust me. It also has actual blades underneath...just dont touch them. theyre sharp!
    Built in 2012?
    HighresScreenshot00230.png HighresScreenshot00331.png HighresScreenshot00332.png
    BMW 528i US Spec A suggestion from rottenfitzy!
    Performance stats
    170 Horsepower at 5700rpm
    (can be tuned to 407hp)

    0-100km/h in 9.3 Seconds
    (can be tuned to 2.8s)

    Redline at 6300rpm

    (can be tuned to 6700rpm)
    Top Speed of 186km/h
    (can be tuned to 318km/h)

    Weight of 1465kg

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    The BMW 5 series E12 was introduced back in the 70s. The model featured varous trims. This here is the US Speced model. It was fitted with a 3 way Catalyator and big Bumpers, made to absorb hits of 8km/h without any body damage.

    Built in 1977
    HighresScreenshot00248.png HighresScreenshot00059.png HighresScreenshot00063.png
    Trabant 601 Part of pop culture

    Performance stats
    23 Horsepower at 4800rpm

    (can be tuned to 129hp)
    Redline at 5300rpm
    (can be tuned to 5700rpm)
    0-100km/h in ~60 seconds
    (can be tuned to 5.9s)

    Top speed of 106km/h
    (can be tuned to 240km/h)

    Weight of 642kg

    Features TUNING PARTS!
    And superchargers...
    Additional Information:
    The Trabant, as awfully slow it is, has reached an iconc status, especially in germany. It was the car you got over in the DDR. You had to wait a couple years until your Trabant was made tho, as waiting lists were huge. Everyone in germany will recongnise this car! Also there are a ton of Souveniers involving ths car when you go to A LOT. The little Trabbi was intended as a car for everyone in eastern Germany. Cheap to buy and cheap to run. Crash testing wasnt a thing back in the 60s, so the body panels were made with Duroplast, in rather dirty facilities, creating rather low-quality parts. The little 2-stroke 2 cylinder engine was produced as a cheap and compact package that could quickly be dropped in the car once its time. Electronic gadgets didnt exist back then so the Trabant only had the neccessary things. There were various redesign concepts of the Trabant to bring some life back into it but they unfortunately were never made. It got one redesign in 1984 however, the Trabant 1.1, featuring a 1.1 liter VW Lupo engine and slightly tweaked exterior. The engine unfortunately also was pretty much all they could spend on the redesign to nothing major changed, other than the fact that it has twice the power now. After the Berlin Wall fell and politics changed in eastern Germany, the Trabant was quite quickly discontinued in July 1990.
    Built in 1964

    All cars feature NOS! Apply it in the Vehicle configurator and configure the shot size at your willing in the 'Tuning' menu!
    You can apply up to 3000kw of NOS...
    config2.png b10.png update4.png update.png speed.png odyssey.png
    All cars feature a ton of Tuning parts!
    I will add Engine swaps in the future!
    So you can then put a Lawn mower engine into an SUV. Or the Rimac's electric motor into a Trabant...
    All cars have Tuning sliders!
    tuning.png u20.png u13.png

    Also features Info files for every car and a wide color palette!
    new.png new1.png info4.png

    All cars feature Garage pictures! I know, nobody uses that feature but I still think it looks cool...
    new8.png new7.png new6.png

    Check out the Thread about this pack!

    There also is a sequel pack!

    For the unofficial version with copyrighted sounds, go here and scroll down:

    Anyway, have fun with your new replicas that you didnt expect to ever appear!

    If you want to support me a bit financially, you can leave a donation if you want. Also check out my other mods :rolleyes:

    Please leave a rating if you enjoy this pack!
    Many thanks!:)

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    Absolutely Awesome!
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    Really cool and sporty. But is it possible to make the car more realistic? Replace that black thingy for glasses which is able to see through and more tire details for example? Anyway keep up the good work :)
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Thank ya! I mean making the glass clear is easy, but there is nothing inside... I could spend the time to make interiors but doing that for all my cars will take months. So the dark glass is the better solution there. I’ll make it breakable tho, so it has like a cracked texture when it’s damaged. I can also replace the tires with BeamNG ones.. I gotta see what I can find time for. However, universal Wheels will come at one point so you can put beam wheels on the cars
  7. Azn
    Version: 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary
    Amazing! But I don't know how you got the car to 711kph
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Also I just slapped the supercharger from the Deo volente on the Koenigsegg. It has 2800hp with it
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    Version: 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary
    Unparalleled attention to detail. I highly recommend!
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      Thank you! Ive out a lot of work into it to make it that :)
      Ill continue to support and add on to it!
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