Beta Knox County Skin Pack from PZ 1.4

Protect the Undead

  1. sheriff CR
    Hello everyone, after a few weeks (maybe a month) of work, I have created a skin pack from Project Zomboid, and after discussing it with some people, I decided to post it on the forum first.

    The mods you need
    Project Zomboid
    Knox County is a fictional area in America where Project Zomboid is set. It takes place within the city of Muldraugh and West Point, Kentucky, and surrounding countryside.

    The Knox Event is used to refer to the zombie outbreak that occurs prior to and throughout the game. The event first takes place around Muldraugh and West Point, Kentucky. The incident is considered to have begun on the 4th of July, 1993, American Day of Independence. Just two days later the military evacuated residences from around the affected area and set up blockades in what is now known as the Knox Evacuation. The affected area is given the name: the Exclusion Zone, with the primary camp being south of Louisville, KY.

    Of course, after some time, I brought it to BeamNG
    For reasons of vehicle style and age, I currently do not make skins for cars after 2000.

    Work completed so far
    Bruckell LeGran
    Gavril D-Series
    Gavril T-Series
    Gavril Grand Marshal
    Gavril H-Series
    Ibishu Hopper
    Randolph Dryvan
    Randolph Tanker(need Mod)
    We can now enjoy crushing zombies in BeamNG now.:)

    screenshot_2022-05-29_15-41-10.png screenshot_2022-05-29_15-31-50.png screenshot_2022-05-29_15-33-00.png screenshot_2022-05-29_15-33-51.png
    • 1: Some painting has not been reset
      2: not done yet (I don't know how to upload a new version of the mod, so it's best to do it all at once)
    • All suggestions are welcome


    1. screenshot_2022-04-03_17-00-09.png
    2. screenshot_2022-04-03_18-44-33.png
    3. screenshot_2022-04-03_20-25-01.png
    4. screenshot_2022-04-03_21-18-33.png
    5. screenshot_2022-04-04_13-43-51.png
    6. screenshot_2022-04-04_13-44-58.png
    7. screenshot_2022-04-04_13-45-27.png
    8. screenshot_2022-04-05_16-00-19.png
    9. screenshot_2022-05-03_09-45-21.png
    10. screenshot_2022-05-03_09-47-53.png
    11. screenshot_2022-05-03_09-51-57.png
    12. screenshot_2022-05-21_11-27-36.png
    13. screenshot_2022-05-21_11-29-07.png
    14. screenshot_2022-05-25_00-25-33.png
    15. screenshot_2022-05-25_00-26-41.png
    16. screenshot_2022-05-25_01-16-00.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Lewhik
    Version: 1.2
    Cool Update! Maybe @BrickTD1122 was talking of the 4th Generation Caprice though? But quite like those Skins
  2. BrickTD1122
    Version: 1.1
    I like it, although will you add the police skin for the caprice
    1. sheriff CR
      Author's Response
      I did it for an 88 Chevy caprice, which one are you talking about?
  3. Slyfox3647
    Version: 1.0
    I play Project Zomboid myself, Irate this mod 10/10!
    1. sheriff CR
  4. Lewhik
    Version: 1.0
    This looks really nice! The Mod Description is an bit scruffed with that weird Asian Language, but other than that
    1. sheriff CR
      Author's Response
      Next time there will be less Chinese introduction, as well as thank you for your help
  5. eggward
    Version: 1.0
    holy shit this is awesome!
    1. sheriff CR
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it
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