LSEV L1 1st Gen 2009-2020 2.1

[A very small car, fits everywhere, don't test it in ramps, instead on narrow alleys,]

  1. MEM756
    This is a LSEV L1, a microcar, which fits anywhere, and is nice looking. LSEV this time means Low-Speed Economic (not Electric, as suposed to) Vehicle. And if you guessed, yes, it's biggest rival is the Renault Twizy.

    It has a one-eye light, with indicators in each side, with a very smiley face, plastic fenders, a sticking-out suspenssion, and round mirrors.
    And as for the rear, it has vertical lights, a hatchback, the fenders, suspenssion, and everything else you see, a clean design.
    Also, here you can see, it is very small, it can only fit one person, compared to the Kingssword Smalprince, it can fit four, but actually the L1 is smaller than looks here.
    Now, the engine
    Some front and rear view on a white background.
    Now, outside a factory, the rear and front view.
    Anyway, test it yourself, and comment your thoughts to me in the discussion section. Also, there's a new one out, check it out here:
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