Alpha NC Straight Eight addon for the Crashhard Classic 1.02

A straight eight engine and more for the Crashhard Classic


    This mod adds a Straight Eight engine to the Crashhard Classic, completely in the spirit of the day and inspired on one of the most notorious real life straight eight cylinder engines. The engine has two separate versions, stock and tuned, with their own respective transmissions. A moving gear shifter has been added, as well as extra shift logic that requires the 3-speed transmission(s) to be shifted down left (dog leg principle) when using a shifter as controller.

    Aside from the above this mod contains several extra features that fit the Straight Eight as well as the original Crashhard Classic.
    Those features are :
    • A fully working freewheel function (a system often found in 'roughly 80 to 100' year old cars)
    • Fully working gauges on the dashboard for better immersion
    • Separate light switch for the 'panel lights' (gauges)
    • BeamNG's vanilla after market steering wheels (resized to fit the vehicle)
    • Additional sport suspension parts (different properties only, no visuals)
    • An extra short ratio steering box
    • A body colored fuel tank
    • An additional rpm gauge with a max-rpm-chevron that can be reset on the spot.

    Press lightbar for freewheel on/off
    Press Alt + N for panel lights
    Press horn for rpm chevron reset


    Drop the .zip file into the mods folder


    NOCARGO - A bit of everything needed to make this mod what it is :)

    Big thanks to @CrashHard for allowing me to reuse and remodel engine parts of the original Crashhard Classic. This allowed me to produce the mod in a much shorter time frame ! Also thank you CrashHard for standing me by when needed, offering help and making small changes to the original mod for allowing better integration of my addon.

    BeamNG - For all the amazing features at my disposal !

    Known issues/bugs

    - The engine mounts are not visible/modeled yet
    - Some small texture/mesh shape area's need finishing (starter motor, rpm gauge, ...)
    - The temperatures need be more stabilized (cooling efficiency adjustment radiators or engine node chem. energy?)
    - The radiator keeps smoking after reset (tuned version only and not after Ctr+R)
    - Maybe the third gear of the 3-speed is a bit too long (at least the tuned version?)
    - The alternator/generator fan is still a little wonky (I'd actually like that if it was but then a little less)
    - Some stuff I can't think off right now... :)

    These issues are still up because I hate to break deadlines.
    They will be looked after and an update will follow, no date promised.

    If you have any issues, complaints, suggestions or plain discussion, please don't drop them in a review but use this thread instead.


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Recent Reviews

  1. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 1.02
    Sounds like pure muscle:)
  2. Alieu
    Version: 1.0
    that lua looking real nice for the shifter
    writing all that on your own must be a lil difficult
    glad we have people that do amazing things on their own and don’t take what’s not theirs, helpful refresher
    nice job!
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! You know, everybody needs to learn from others initially. But on the way you learn to be creative and do your own thing. The first shifter I made was a rebuild from one of the Satsuma's. That was some 5 shifters ago I guess. But I made them much more stable and the shift positions is totally my own creation though :)
  3. Zepherius
    Version: 1.0
    Always wanted a str8 8 in BeamNG! Could you make make one for the Burnside?
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
  4. loba04
    Version: 1.0
    We extensively talked already in the thread: of course it's great. I have no issues with the gearboxes, as theses engines were installed mostly in "tall" gearing cars, because packards weren't sports cars. cooling and fans are iffy though, but without undermining this great addon
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! Cooling needs refinement, it's on the mod's main page 'known issues' list :)
  5. iRetr0x
    Version: 1.0
    Been waiting for this! Mainly for the LUA code to use multiple engine sounds, love it!
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much :)
  6. esesel
    Version: 1.0
    What is s the displacement?
    1. NOCARGO
  7. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing work!
    1. NOCARGO
      Author's Response
      Thank you :) :)
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