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Rally Forest 1.5

Medium size map with dirt and paved roads in a dense, detailed forest

  1. dpitkin
    New in v1.5 added rally scenarios for the Hirochi Sunburst and the VW Polo (mod required to start specific scenario). The scenarios have royalty free background music, if you don't like the music adjust the music slider in audio settings.

    Trailer by Calais​
    The map has many long winding dirt roads with tight driftable corners. there is a small town in the map with a single downtown street and a few houses.
    Also the map has many lakes, streams, and a large scenic river with covered bridges and a campground next to it.
    The forest is very dense but to keep performance up it uses billboards behind the trees to create an illusion of depth, therefore it wont look right to airplanes.

    This map is very fun with rally cars, especially Jalkku's VW Polo which is fast and rides over bumps well, as well as the Hirochi Sunburst Rally, which is very good at drifting!
    There are a few custom assets made by me and a custom terrain texture and a pine needle decal. All the textures are from cgtextures.com

    Simply place the zip in the mods folder.
    screenshot_00000.jpg screenshot_00001.jpg screenshot_00002.jpg screenshot_00003.jpg screenshot_00004.jpg screenshot_00005.jpg screenshot_00006.jpg screenshot_00007.jpg screenshot_00008.jpg screenshot_00009.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. piotr006
    Version: 1.5
  2. EvanHellaFlush
    Version: 1.5
    One of my favorite maps on beamngdrive! The attention to detail, and the effort that you have put into this map is amazing!
  3. RetroKing
    Version: 1.5
    Very good Rallymap with a minor missing Bridge Texture!
    =fix->World Editor->levels/rally_forest/art/shapes/buildings/ind_planks_01_d.dds & ind_planks_01_n.dds & ind_planks_01_s.dds
    This three should placed on the object!
  4. Gromzi
    Version: 1.5
    Excellent map. I spent 1 hour trying to drive on all the roads and not get lost. (without flying with the camera).
    It's great to rally on (look exactly like Wales from DiRT Rally) but not only that. You can just explore it driving slowly and looking at all the lakes and a river. I'm blown away with the details including ambient sounds this map has.
    Definitely would recommend getting this map right away.
  5. ThePigeon
    Version: 1.5
    Vert well made rally map. Good climate of dark, misty forest. Very detailed, fun to drive on. :)
  6. Arthur Bravo
    Arthur Bravo
    Version: 1.5
    Excellent Map. I'm blown up with the detail and realism. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to install the scenarios or the winter map, I believe it has something to do with version issues. Still, the best player-made map on my opinion.
  7. [DFS] DXing MonsterJ
    [DFS] DXing MonsterJ
    Version: 1.5
    Something really wrong with the sky, its all buggy and glitchy . Its spazzing out, but anyways great map.
  8. AidanSloan
    Version: 1.5
    it wont let me install this even though it will let me install any other map
  9. Slugomatic
    Version: 1.5
    I loved the map, it was an absolute blast!!
  10. Carsaredabest
    Version: 1.5
    Were did you get the polo from? (website link plz, if the website is a dogy one plz try to find another :) )
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