Alpha Realistic Police Lights v14.5.6

The most immersive and Realistic Police Lights mod for BeamNG

  1. v13.0.0 Changelog

    Minor Grand Marshal Focused Update...

    Grand Marshal:

    Changed "Rear Window LEDs 2" to "Backlight LEDs"
    Changed "Siderunners" to "Siderunners Full Length"
    Added New Customization Parts
    -Front Window LEDs 2/2
    -Front Window LEDs 2/2 Flipped
    -Rear Window LEDs 2/2
    -Rear Window LEDs 2/2 Flipped
    -Siderunners Divided
    The Above is also implented on the undercover setup
    Bugs Fixed:
    -Fixed siderunner clipping on Grand Marshal
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