Alpha Realistic Police Lights v15.0.0A

The most immersive and Realistic Police Lights mod for BeamNG with Customization.

  1. v12.0.0 changelog

    IMPORTANT: LIGHTBAR NAMES CHANGED TO "Emergency Lighting System" and "Emergency Lighting System(Undercover)"
    Other vehicles retain the same name as police led lights.
    Changed mod to "Alpha" as it fits the lack of vehicles that are implemented.


    • Added Customization Slots
    • Added Patterns
    • Added Required Front Bumper LEDs
    • Brand New Customization Slots (thus far):
    • "Mirror Leds"
    • "Pushbar/Bullbar LEDs"
    • "Siderunners"
    • "Fender LEDs"
    • "Fascia LEDs"
    • "Plate LEDs (For Facelift Tailgate)"(NEW)
    • "Whelen Outer Edge"(NEW)
    • "Front Window LEDs"
    • "Rear Window LEDs"
    • "Rear Feniax Window LEDs"(NEW)
    • "Rear Whelen Window LEDs"(NEW)
    • Improved The Lighting Effects for The Roamer
    • New Configs for "Quick Play"(meaning you can drive without having to remove the lights for a few minutes)
    Grand Marshal:
    • Brand New Customization Slots
    • "Mirror Leds"
    • "Pushbar/Bullbar LEDs"
    • "Siderunners"
    • "Front Window LEDs"
    • "Rear Window LEDs"
    • "Rear Window LEDs 2"(NEW)
    • New Configs for "Quick Play"
    Optimization/Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed sections of side runners being duplicated
    • Fixed Flares being delayed by milliseconds(?)
    • Fixed Roamer having incorrect RGBA causing a purple glow
    Enjoy :)
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