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Unsupported Sheas Bluff r44

A scenario-centric mini-map

  1. torsion
    Note: r44 is another hotfix release - all scenarios should now function and be completable. Please discuss any difficulty balance issues in the forum thread! The r40 release was more difficult than intended and not all scenarios functioned properly.

    Includes five offroad scenarios, all quite difficult. These are aimed at the crowd who enjoyed stock scenarios like "Shortcut", "Hidden Jump", and "Big Air Vanster".

    Practicing in Freeroam is recommended where possible. Scenario hints are under development, but several of the scenarios include relevant hints.

    How to install:
    1. Remove any previous versions.
    2. Download the zip file and place it in this folder: Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods

    60-second Teaser

    Full demo of all scenarios (in v0.5.1.0)


    1. screenshot_00170.jpg
    2. screenshot_00151b.jpg
    3. screenshot_00169b.jpg
    4. screenshot_00199b.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. fixed "Hillclimb Stage 3"
  2. hotfix #2
  3. hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. DaBoise
    Version: r44
  2. Madslapper
    Version: r44
    Very good. Blind faith has a few tricky spots but i got them eventually. Keep up the good work !
  3. Linty
    Version: r44
    Challenging but nice :)
  4. youdidwhat!!
    Version: r44
    very well made and challenging
  5. HR28QT
    Version: r37
    Shea's Bluff........ Shia Labeouf....... hmmmmm.
  6. Poebat
    Version: r36
    Great map. Love climbing the hills with cars and seeing how much power they have. It does need some things here and there but overall it is a good map. You don't usually find maps this good!
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Feel free to click through from here to the Discussion thread and share your thoughts on what's missing!
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