Beta The Perfect Sleeper 0.9

Same engine, new sensations.

  1. doCar
    The Perfect Sleeper is a Pessima (First Gen) based car, which have exactly the same looking. The changements are under the hood. 707 Hp. AWD.

    Same engine, new sensations.


    Rally version :

    Please read first [.zip-->vehicle-->credits.txt] before start using the mod.

    Mod created by doCar (me). Some parts come from other mod. Here are those:

    - Super Radiators ( Created by : HDR (
    - MBNB Godmode-Brake-Pads ( Created by : DaddelZeit (
    - 20LB bottles for everyone ( Created by : potwor12 (

    Feel free to edit this mod and republish it with your modifications. Just identify HDR, DaddelZeit, potwor12, and doCar, me.


    1. THEPERFECTSLEEPERbydoCar-icon.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 0.9
    I hope you know that you're not allowed to include other mods inside your zip without permission, which you definitely didn't get from me.
    1. doCar
      Author's Response
      Credits are included in the file (vehicle-->credits.txt), and you are mentionned in the description of the mod.
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