Outdated Torsion D-Series Wheelie Monster r17

Bulletproof Edition

  1. initial refresh for v0.13

    • Added support for crew cab frame. No config yet, you must manually setup the various stuff such as suspension and especially tires.
    • Updated all axles from v0.8 axles to v0.13 axles. Many changes have been made to the official axles, such as adding some coltris back. :)
    Tires are badly in need of an update, but somehow they still work! Please report any problems in the discussion...
  2. Mercy & Ext

    AKA the "getting off my high horse update." ;) TLDR: removed driveshaft breakage + added real extended frame support.

    This mod has never been a realistic one and it was certainly not intended to be realistic. IMO the driveshaft breakage thing is more of an annoyance than an interesting or useful gameplay element. I'd estimate that stubbornness prevented me from coming to this conclusion earlier! The delicate rear-end also made...
  3. Initial v0.8 support

    Changes for v0.8:
    1. Refreshed engine.
    2. Refreshed and modified rear axle: anti-spin harness is now stiffer, main axle beams now have a 33% higher deform limit. Removed older tweaks.
    3. Refreshed radiator for Pickup/Roamer.
    4. Remade config files for Pickup/Roamer. Pickup & Roamer configs now use the same transmission.
    The reconfigured rear axle will still twist enough to break your driveshaft if you are not gentle. This is not really accurate, but I leave it that way...
  4. bugfix - roll pan normals

  5. Roll Pan + Springs + Better Wheelies(tm)

    Riding wheelies should be much easier now. For even easier wheelies jack the rear ride height up as much as you need to in the tuning options. Increasing the rear ride height will make sustaining wheelies very easy.

    Added these parts:
    • 1 rear leaf springs for pickup & roamer
    • 1 "roll pan" for use in the pickup rear bumper slot - includes license plate mounting system for left/right/center

    pickup config:
    removed spare tire
    replaced rear bumper with...
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  6. MODERATION : Unused files clean

    MODERATION : Unused files clean
  7. v0.6.1 fixes

    • Replaced 9K engine tuning with new engine due to the removal of the engine tuning slot.
    • Dropped other engine tunings
    • Updated radiator for pickup and roamer to have higher fluid volumes due to possible changes in thermal sim. Tweaked other values to make sure that the radiator was reasonably close to the edge of overheating.
    • Updated axle for compatibility.
    • Updated configs.
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  8. Piston Rings

    • Fixed jbeam typo (one duplicate "L" beam instead of R/L beams).
    • Added oil cooler for Pickup & Roamer.
    • Significantly increased cylinderWallTemperatureDamageThreshold to prevent piston ring damage.
    • Slightly increased performance of radiator.
    • Renamed radiator to better reflect it's current position.
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  9. v0.5.6 fixes

    • Updated axle/suspension for v0.5.6.
    • Strengthened AX3<>AX1 and AX3<>AX2 beams.
    • Added a strap mechanism to keep the axle from flipping over backwards
    • Removed all other unnecessary strength mods to the axle and renamed axle to reflect it's current tweaks.
    • Added new "2m² Remote Mount Performance Radiator (Torsion)" part for compatibility with the thermal simulation introduced in v0.5.3
    • Renamed several parts for clarity and uniformity. Many parts in the mod now...
  10. file name fix

    file name fix
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