Vanilla Scenario Configs 1.2.2

pack of configurations featured in vanilla scenarios

  1. Softair
    This pack currently includes 8 configurations from the scenarios Asphalt Derby Race (200BX, Barstow, Covet, Moonhawk), Climbing Utah (Hopper) and Small Island Chase (Sunburst), Airstrip Showdown (Barstow) and Big Air Vanster (H-series) plus the four undrivable shells from the campaign Hustle and Bustle (Covet, LeGran, D-series, H-series), a vandalized Covet from the campaign Senseless Destruction and 3 D-series configurations from the campaign A Rocky Start. The Small Island Chase Sunburst config is partially broken, it has wrong colors, wrong livery and wrong wheels, but still works.

    There is also a never before seen Roamer configuration named "dirtrace", which suggests that it could be used in some dirt race scenario in the future, and a broken H-series configuration previously used in the Car Delivery scenario.
    barstow_derby.jpg drag_manual.jpg coupe_derby.jpg beater_vandalized.png covet_derby.jpg filmset_shell_hatch.jpg climbing_utah.jpg filmset_shell_legran.jpg moonhawk_derby.jpg friend_car.png rusty.png crawl.png filmset_shell_pickup.jpg dirtrace.jpg cop_chase.jpg delivery.jpg filmset_shell_van.jpg bigAir.jpg
    Configs: BeamNG
    Extracting them from the game files: Me
    Help with info files: DaddelZeit

    Bug report and discussion thread:

Recent Reviews

  1. superglitchy21
    Version: 1.2.2
    1. Softair
  2. NEXUS_104
    Version: 1.1.2
    Lol. Finally someone spent all their time going through every single map scenario file. i did find the trash cars used in the bus campaign but didnt bother going through the other files. Thanks!
    1. Softair
      Author's Response
      I am glad that you enjoy my pack! It didn´t actually take that long, since .pc is one of the few 2 character file extensions, so it stands out quite a lot. It probably could be done even more easily if I used something that would let me search for just specific file extensions. Writing the info files that contain information about power, top speed, etc. took much longer.
  3. TheMinerBoy56
    Version: 1.0
    This is very interesting and useful!
    1. Softair
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot!
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