Softair's minor game modifications - discussion and bug reports

Discussion in 'Mods and Skins' started by Softair, Oct 27, 2021.

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    Jan 8, 2021
    As the list of mods I have made/contributed to grew, the need for a bug report thread arose. After continuously forgetting about it for a few months, I have finally created one.

    My mods:
    Softair's driving scenario pack - currently outdated, might remake the broken scenario in the future - contributed to by DaddelZeit
    Vanilla scenario configs - contributed to by DaddelZeit
    Softair's missing config pack
    2.0L engine for the ETK I-series (ETK 2000)
    "Indian market" SBR4 - contributed to by DaddelZeit
    Mercedes-Benz OM457hLA engine for the Wentward DT40L - unsupported, included in the Wentward DT40L Expansion Pack - contributed to by DaddelZeit
    Diesel ETK A-series - contributed to by DaddelZeit and Nekkit

    Mods I have contributed to:
    Autobello 600 by epicfacecanada - thumbnails
    Wentward DT40L Expansion Pack by DaddelZeit - ETK 6D120 and Gavril-Eastfield TCG engine torquecurves
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