Vintage Roof Rack 1.08

A roof rack with wooden platform for vintage vehicles.

  1. [1.08] Piccolina, Burnside Wagon, File Changes

    Any configs made equipping the roof racks before this update would be affected.
    • Jbeam
      • Burnside's "burnside_roofrack" is now "burnside_vintage_roofrack", same to Mirama. Causing earlier saved configs not loaded with the roof rack equipped.
    • Mesh
      • Each roof racks are now one mesh on their own.
    • Textures
      • All roof racks now share one set of textures, located inside 'roofrack_textures' under 'mod/vehicles/common/vintage_roof_rack/'
      • Suitcase and sticker textures are also placed into their own folders under the same directory above.
    • Removed
      • "Vintage Roof Rack 1" for Burnside is removed.
    • Adds
      • "Vintage Roof Rack" for Piccolina's Roof Accessory slot.
      • "Vintage Roof Rack Wagon" for Burnside Wagon Body mod.
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