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Community Mission Routes Contest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Leeloo, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Mattfordph

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    Sep 8, 2021
    What is a BeamNG.drive game key? thats a stupid answer but i need to know
  2. CaptainZoll

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    Nov 10, 2016
    a licensed copy of the game, so you can give a proper legal copy to a friend and they don't have to pay for it.
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  3. SomeMarcel

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    Jan 23, 2022
    Title: Mattress Delivery
    Config: T-Series Patriot Special
    Cargo: 10 mattresses
    Start Point: Citta Vecchia
    Destination: Fastello
    Difficulty: Medium
    Day Time: 7:55 PM
    Story: You're just a random Italian guy who likes the US (even though he's never been there) and you're known for your trucking capabilities like driving in tight roads and knowing how to get around the whole country. This time your job is to deliver some mattresses to the local mattress store that closes in 5 minutes. You can't loose even one mattress. Oh, and you're gonna need to find your way to Fastello yourself.
    Gold: Reach the destination in under 2 minutes
    Silver: Reach the destination in under 3 minutes
    Reach the destination in under 5 minutes
    Fail: Lose cargo, destroy the truck, or reach the destination in over 5 minutes
    how the mattresses were loaded (they could be loaded up a bit neater) also, sorry for poor photo
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  4. Pr9tkin

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    Jan 28, 2022

    Scenario for a Mission to transport stolen cars from the warehouse to the runway for transportation from the island!) can be used as one of the chain of tasks of the company for the theft of vehicles)

    Сценарий для Миссии по перевозке угнанных авто со склада на взлетную полосу с целью транспортировки с острова!) может использоваться как одно из цепочки заданий компании по краже транспортных средств)

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    • 235.png
    • screenshot_2022-01-28_06-38-29.png
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  5. Razor_T

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    Jan 29, 2022
    NAME: Don't Tip!
    MAP: Gridmap v2
    LOAD: Beam Safari bus
    TIME OF DAY: 16:09
    TIME LIMIT: 7:45

    Eight laps around the handling circle in the Patriot Special with the T600 turbocharger and NO BRAKES! Drive eight laps around the handling circle without brakes pulling the Beam Safari bus on your trailer with no brakes, and don't go outside the yellow line (completely)

    GOLD: Under 4:00
    SILVER: Under 5:30
    BRONZE: Under 7:45

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  6. Toron Beldevar

    Toron Beldevar
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    Aug 2, 2014
    sigh, I figured out what was wrong, go ahead and delete this...
    #46 Toron Beldevar, Jan 30, 2022
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  7. Small Overlap

    Small Overlap
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    Aug 15, 2017
    Excuse me, I had no time to complete my mission proposal and I did not produce some images. I hope you'll read and like my proposal. The "(...)" are features I had no time to complete. Thank you for your attention and for your work. Beamng is wonderful.


    Faithless Ibishus




    Afternoon (...)
    Day/night cicle enabled at speed (...)
    The game starts in the afternoon and ends at the sunrise


    Cloud cover (...)
    Fog density (...)


    Traffic enabled
    Police enabled


    Gavril T-Series (...)

    Vehicle Configuration

    Engine off
    Engine cold
    Brakes cold
    Fuel level very low (...)


    Flatbed empty (...)


    Ibishu (...) fuel tank empty
    Ibishu (...) fuel tank empty
    Ibishu (...) fuel tank empty


    I work as a freelance truck driver and my passion are the Ibishu's cars.

    I've got a property placed in (Airfield), where I park my Gavril T-Series (...), my Ibishu (...), my Ibishu (...), my Ibishu (...) and my Ibishu (...).

    [Video scene starts] I am in my property. I answer to a phone call. It's a new work for me: a trailer carrying an Ibishu (...), an Ibishu (...) and an Ibishu (...) is placed in (...); I've to deliver it to the derby arena placed in (...) It's afternoon and I'm in a hurry because I've to complete my delivery before the derby arena closes. The fuel level is low, so [Voice of my thoughts starts] I know I must drive slow and I will have to stop to a gas station during the trip. [Voice of my thoughts ends] [Video scene ends]

    I drive my truck to position (...) where the trailer with its cargo is placed.

    [Video scene starts] I sign the documents for the job and, when I see the cars on the trailer, I ask why are they throwing them. The man simply answers that they are old. I say I want to buy them, but the man answers they have already been sold to the derby arena. Then he goes away. [Music starts] [Voice of my thoughts starts] I observe each model and think about their specs. [Voice of my thoughts ends] [Music ends] [Video scene ends]

    I align my truck to the trailer and grab the nodes. So, I can start my mission. I'm driving and [Voice of my thoughts starts] I decide to stop to the gas station placed in (...) [Voice of my thoughts ends]

    [Video scene starts] [Music starts] While I'm loading fuel, I look to the cars on the trailer and I remember some old promotional videos of the Ibishu. [Music ends] [Video scene ends]

    I restart driving, I reach the delivery point placed in (...) and that's what I see from the outside:

    [Video scene starts] [Music starts] Only cars put one over another, dirty, wrecked, twisted, mutilated, no sound, no noise, only the shape of the oblivion. [Music ends] [Video scene ends]

    I switch off the engine and press the horn.

    [Video scene starts] The derby arena is closed. There is a man who wants me to leave the trailer out of the derby arena, along the road. [Video scene ends]

    I park the trailer on the side of the road and ungrab the nodes.

    [Video scene starts] The man signs the documents of the delivery. I tell him I want to buy the cars, but he answers he needs the cars for the destruction derby show of tomorrow, so he goes away. [Music starts] There's no movement, no life here, the cars are alone and defenseless. The sun is set and the darkness empties the world around the cars. [Music ends] [Video scene ends]

    Now I have to return the documents to the seller and to get my money. I switch on the engine of my truck and drive to the position (...) where I met the seller. I arrive and press the horn.

    [Video scene starts] The man says the documents are ok and gives me my money. [Video scene ends]

    I drive to my property, placed in (Airfield) and park the truck inside.

    [Video scene starts] I exit from my truck and I look to my Ibishus. [Music starts] I start thinking about scenes from the destruction derby shows, scenes from the old Ibishu's promotional videos and about the three Ibishus I leaved outside the derby arena. [Music ends] [Voice of my thoughts starts] I decide to come back to the derby arena and to steal the trailer, in order to save the three cars. [Voice of my thoughts ends] [Video scene ends]

    [Music starts] [Voice of my thoughts starts] I am in a hurry because I've to steal the trailer with the complicity of the darkness, in order to try to not be seen, so I have to hide the cars and come back home before it comes the sunrise. [Voice of my thoughts ends] [Music ends] I drive to the derby arena and I switch off the headlights when I'm next to it. I must avoid to make noise with the reverse gear when I align my truck to the trailer. I take the trailer with the cars and fly away. I can't use the headlights and I must avoid the main roads, in order to avoid the police. I drive to the enter of the mine placed in (...) I align the trailer through the enter of the mine and park it as deep inside as possible. [Voice of my thoughts starts] I'll return, not so soon, it will take time, but I'll return. Now the cars are safe. [Voice of my thoughts ends] [Music starts] I'm next to the sunrise, so I drive fast back to my property, placed in (Airfield) and I park my truck inside, near my Ibishus. [Music ends]

    [Video scene starts] It's the sunrise. I am sitted down on the floor and I lean my back to the back of the truck. I'm looking to my cars. [Voice of my thoughts starts] I realise that the police will search for me, will chase me, reach me and find me, I'll lose my freedom, my job, my truck and my cars, I'll never rescue that trailer. Which does will be the faith of that cars? FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! [Voice of my thoughts ends] [Video scene ends]

    [Music starts] [Mission completed] [Music ends]

    Spawn point

    My property placed in (Airfield)

    Check points

    1) the position of the trailer that I've to deliver, that is placed in (...)
    2) the gas station placed in (...)
    3) the delivery point at the derby arena, placed in (...)
    4) the position where I took the trailer, placed in (...)
    5) my property, placed in (Airfield)
    6) the derby arena, placed in (...)
    7) the enter of the mine, placed in (...)
    8) my property, placed in (Airfield)


    I must complete the mission before it comes the sunrise.
    I must avoid to damage the cargo.
    I must avoid to be stopped by the police after I've stolen the cars.


    To drive safe.
    To drive slow before I can load some fuel.
    To drive fast but safe after I've stolen the cars.
    To drive along bumpy secondary roads.
    To drive during the night and with fog without using the headlights.
    To look at the map and to find the correct roads to drive through.
    To do the parking operations with the trailer.

    Video scenes

    The style could be the same of "A rocky start campaign"


    Piano production of your artists

    I could switch the "derby arena" with some destructive activities already placed in the Utah's map.
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  8. Toron Beldevar

    Toron Beldevar
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    Aug 2, 2014
    Okay, apparently Flowgraph doesn't like me because I now cannot get even simple variables to be set, and with personal schedules further conflicting with my ability to make something I can finally be proud of for once, all I'll really have is a cheap description of the mission. So, here's my entry.

    Name: Three in One
    Location: East Coast, USA
    Vehicle: Gavril T75 Fifth Wheel Upfit (M)
    Cargo: Any three of Flatbed Trailer 12600kg Wood Planks or Flatbed Trailer 16800kg Wood Planks (and this part works fine)
    Premise: This is your first job here, and it's a doozy. Three trailers are waiting for you at the sawmill. Deliver them in any order but don't take too long. They only hired you on your claim of providing speedy delivery. Prove it to deserve your position - and earn a nice starting bonus.
    • First delivery takes place early in the morning and has no traffic.
    • Second delivery takes place a little bit later and involves the citizens of Firwood driving about alongside you. (The traffic works nicely and the waypoints were all functional up to this point. Even the time of day changes with each round.)
    • Third delivery is where the action would have taken place. The sawmill was actually operating illegally (just a spur of the moment idea, I don't see how this would actually happen) and now you're a suspect, and three police cars are already in proximity to chase you down. (This is where I got to and then I couldn't get them to be AI chasing cars to come after me, at which point I just gave up as I don't have time to figure out why I can't use any one of the police vehicle ID values even as a variable to enable the AI for this purpose.) So you would have had to run them off the road and then you'd be allowed to deliver the final trailer to the last customer of the day.
    Haven't even gotten around to implementing winning or failing conditions but I had a few in mind.
    • If the trailer as delivered has any amount of damage, that's a points penalty.
    • If your truck gets too damaged to operate, that's a fail.
    • If you're caught by the police, it's a failure.
    • If you take too long to lose the police, that would fail you as well.
    Then it all gets factored down:
    • Gold winning condition would be both quick delivery (let's just say nine minutes would be pretty quick in this scenario) and minimal damage to the truck or trailer.
    • Silver would be awarded if you had more deductions or completed the scenario in less than twelve minutes.
    • Bronze would be awarded if the company at least broke even on your employment, or it took you up to fifteen minutes.
    • And taking over fifteen minutes or causing the sawmill a loss would be a failing condition.
    And it was tedious enough getting even to this point. It took way too long to keep trying to figure out why markers weren't working before I just resorted to copying a whole bunch of nodes I knew were working and settled with that.

    And you know what? Here, try it out. Just open the world editor, then Flowgraph, load the project file and you should be able to do this as soon as you see the main menu. Everything works up to the "Oh no!" on round three and then the police cars just sit there and don't follow you because I can't get them to work. (They're connected the way they are right now because if the truck is set as the chasing target, it ends up being the AI vehicle instead.) There are also no fail or win conditions implemented. I'm pretty sure I also left out the keybinding restrictions so you can use nodegrabber or F7 to cheat your way through the mission. Feel free to also steal this if it means you can get it to work any better.

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  9. Marsrock

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    Aug 10, 2021
    Title: Virus Twilight
    Cargo: 8 200Kg Creates
    Map: East Coast USA
    Time: Just Before sunset
    Difficulty: Hard
    Time: 2 mins
    Mission: A has infected a few people with a virus that causes exsterme paranoia. A town is thinks there is an inevtiable invasion and have blocked off the roads to prepare, the remaining town folks have hid in the fire house. The sun is almost down and the bats are coming out. Get to the fire house before the bats and save the town.

    Video attached. (No cargo)

    Attached Files:

  10. DonRaffo

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    Jul 9, 2014
    Title: Jefferson's Racetrack Event Supplies


    Description: Jefferson Motors is sponsoring this Saturday morning event on Fast Automotive Racetrack.
    You are the only driver available, so your day off will have to wait.
    You have to get to the workshop, attach the cargo and drive it to the racetrack parking lot, they will then take care of it.
    As always in this job, no delays accepted.
    Time is gold, so find the fastest way to get there.


    Map: West Coast USA

    Config: Jefferson Motor's T (Big T) Custom config

    Cargo: 2 Race Vehicles, 2 crates filled with repair parts and tools, 6 barrels filled with oil, a stack of tyres.

    Start Point: Easy Auto Repair (Nearby the bridge)
    (If it's not possible to start the mission with detached cargo, the course will begin from Jefferson Motors workshop [-60sec to final time] )

    Destination: WCU Fast Automotive Racetrack Parking lot

    Day Time: 06:30 am

    Difficulty: Medium - High (may vary by adding traffic or chasing vehicle, as so do completion time)

    You wake up on a saturday morning, about to drink your coffe and enjoy your day off.

    As a truck driver for a prestige workshop, you may expect all kind of hurrys on a weekend, and today was one of those days...
    You get a message from your boss Jeff Jefferson (Jefferson Motors owner) briefing you today's job.

    After a long week of working, Big T was under maintenance on Easy Auto Repair, so you first have to bring it to the workshop and pick up the cargo there.
    Once the cargo is atached, you have to bring it to the parking lot at Fast Automotive racetrack.

    During last night, one of the roads you have to drive through was blocked due to an incident, you will have to find another way to get there fast.

    Drive carefuly so you don't lose anything from the cargo.




    You cannot go though the racetack.
    You cannot take Brittlebush St higway exit (exit 21)
    Do smooth turns so you don't lose the cargo
    If some cargo is about to fall, you can brake to make it stand up again

    13.jpg 15.jpg

    Gold: 5 minutes. (+100% pay)
    Silver: 5:25 minutes or losing one (1) oil barrel. (+70% pay)
    Bronze: 5:40 minutes or losing up to two (2) oil barrels. (+40% pay)
    Completion: 6 minutes or losing up to four (4) oil barrels. (+20% pay)

    Fail condition:
    Not reaching parking lot on time (6 minutes max.)
    Losing more than 4 barrels of oil or any other prop/car
    Getting into the racetrack risking drivers lifes
    Getting enough damage so you can't move further
    Getting busted for any reason (if police is activated)
    Causing troubles to another vehicles (if traffic is activated)
    Taking exit 21 and meeting "Ye Olde Rock" remainings

    crash4.jpg crash3.jpg

    Hey everyone!

    I have set up a roleplay challenge that can also fit as a story mission.
    Using some of the existing places on the map and bringing them together in a context.
    I have included pictures of all the course, a map with the route, checkpoint order, and some extra screenshots that bring the player into the scene.
    Also, a zip with all vehicle configs used are included
    (Any of the cargo cars can be replaced by any of the same model)
    (The truck config is only meant to make the completion time faster, no special features added)

    This really was a challenge for me, it's my first time setting up a mission route and story.
    I tried to set up the actual mission, but you know how this is... so in the end I have just take screenshots and tried to explain it all by images.
    It was really hard for me to do this on my free time after work, but can asure you that I enjoyed every single part of the process.

    I hope you enjoy it

    Good luck everyone, and have a great week!

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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2022
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  11. YellowRusty

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    Nov 9, 2016
    This is so exciting! I've been hoping for a contest that give the player community a chance to create official content. Here's my entry:


    (x1) Rock 4 - 6695kg and (x1) Rock 3 - 5265kg, both unsecured and loaded approximately as shown. Note that the Rock 3 - 5265kg has been rotated onto its side, and both have been centered between the left and right sides of the trailer.

    The truck and trailer used for this challenge are both customized configurations. The truck is a variant of the T75 Fifth Wheel Upfit, equipped with locking differentials. This allows for a varying level of difficulty. While the challenge can be completed without locking the differentials, it is significantly harder to ascend the steepest hill along the route.
    The trailer used for this challenge is a variant of the Empty Randolph Flatbed. It has been slightly tuned in order to place the trailer bogey as far to the rear as possible.
    A zip file containing the .pc files for each of these custom configurations can be found attached to this post, as requested in the contest rules.

    The mission route winds from the abandoned riverside mine entrance to the building site along the path marked in red, with five checkpoint locations marked in dark red. This route has been chosen for its primarily-dirt surface, its many technical turns, its steep uphill grades, and its variety of picturesque scenery.

    The route begins with the truck backed into the abandoned mine tunnel entrance. Drivers should proceed straight forward, and the marker for the first checkpoint should be visible to the left. It may be useful to place a static map asset (perhaps the excavator model usually placed in roadworks zones?) on the road to prevent drivers from turning right.

    The first checkpoint is placed partway or on top of this hill past the intersection in order to guide the player away from taking the paved road.

    Although there is no checkpoint on the next hill, it is the most difficult area on the entire route to complete. The player will have to carefully manage their transmission and make the most out of their momentum in order to successfully make the climb. This is made significantly easier by locking the differentials -and it is even possible to start from a standstill on the hill if the differentials are locked and the player makes careful use of the brakes and accelerator. (I've tested this with keyboard controls in order to make certain that holds true for all users). If possible, it may be helpful to flash a notification to lock the differentials in the upper-left corner of the screen if the mission detects that the truck slows below 10km/h or comes to a standstill between checkpoints one and two.

    The second checkpoint is placed just beyond this fork in the road, in order to show players that they should keep to the right as they pass through.

    The third checkpoint is placed at the base of this hill, approximately where the truck is located in this picture. This is to guide the player to the correct exit at the junction.

    screenshot_2022-01-31_00-27-36.png screenshot_2022-01-31_00-28-54.png
    The fourth checkpoint is on this bridge. Players will have to make the right turn onto the paved road carefully in order to avoid catching the trailer on the inner barrier. Note the presence of props in the area to enhance the mission setting and further discourage the player from turning left.

    screenshot_2022-01-31_00-34-29.png screenshot_2022-01-31_00-12-30.png
    The fifth and final checkpoint is at the building site itself. This is the large 'delivery zone' style of checkpoint capable of detecting the presence of cargo as used in existing delivery missions. Note again the presence of props to help indicate where the player needs to turn.

    Win Conditions:
    Both the truck and the trailer must arrive in good condition. Both boulders must be brought to the final checkpoint in order to successfully complete the mission. There are no time or speed constraints on the mission.

    At the beginning of the mission, the player is presented with the following message via text. It would be wonderful if the text was accompanied by a portrait of a construction worker (as was done in campaign mode), but this is not strictly necessary.

    If you fail the mission by losing cargo, you will see this message:
    If you fail the mission by damaging the truck or the trailer, you will see this message:
    If you succeed the mission by arriving safely with both the cargo and an undamaged vehicle, you will see this message:
    These are early drafts of the messages, and may need to be edited for brevity. I'm not quite sure what a practical word count for these messages would be.

    I'd like to thank the development very much for creating this contest and allowing us to participate! Best of luck to everyone who entered!
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  12. TTV_HiPrivate

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    Jan 16, 2022
    Why not make a submission, so here is mine:
    I know the quality of the video is terrible, that's my internet ):

    Utah, USA, from the Building Site to a random cliff.
    The T-Series is the T-65 Fifth Wheel Upfit in Burgundy, the 800-Series is the 854td (M) in Goldenrod, and the LeGran is The Objectionable in Uncomfortable Pink.
    You've been told to dump a random assortment of cargo, and your truck, off a nearby cliff (or along the road) from the building site. Don't question if it's legal... It's a tricky drive mainly along tight dirt paths, with a baseline truck. Tip: cut the right corner just after getting onto the dirt road!

  13. Pilogoude

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    Jul 6, 2020
    Here is my script for the contest ^-^

    Here is a video, the course is in this one:

    (All the text below is in the video)

    To start I don't have a title ._.

    For the script I thought of a truck that makes jumps for an ad for the convertible version of the Civetta Bolide, jump in the air but be careful you will have to avoid the stripes for the gold medal, will you be good enough to manage your speed and your momentum to get to the end of all the jumps ?

    The Gavril T-Series is a T-65 Ram Plox (A) with the nitro activated without any other modification.

    Finally, we have a Civetta Bolide 390 GT Targa (M).

    The map is: West Coast, USA

    The time is sunrise or sunset

    (All the text was translated from French to English with a translation site and a little help from a friend) I_I'
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  14. MissionContester

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    Jan 31, 2022
    Hot Brakes
    Move a massive trailer with steel pipes down the hill and to the port. Unfortunately the trailer brakes stopped working years ago but this cargo is important and we don't have any other trailer right now. There are 2 possible routes. Go straight for a risky winding downhill road which leads you to the fast highway or go left for the slower country roads all the way to the port. Watch your speed and brake temperature or brake fade will be your fate!

    Map: Italy
    Start Location: West side of Castello
    Finish Location: Port
    Vehicle: T-Series, any with fifth wheel support and only two axles
    Trailer: Flatbed with 20t steel pipes (brakes removed!)

    Prototype mission is attached. Can be started from Castello, Italy. The mission currently really is just a half-broken prototype. When (re-)starting the mission, pause the game first, then (re-)start, then press tab to switch to the truck, press L for the coupling, then it should work. Tip: Enable the brake temperature UI element.

    Attached Files:

    #54 MissionContester, Jan 31, 2022
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2022
  15. Leeloo

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    The Little Engine That Could
    BeamNG Team

    Feb 19, 2020
    Thanks for your submissions!

    We will review and judge them internally and get back to you with a list of winning entries soon :)
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  16. Leeloo

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    The Little Engine That Could
    BeamNG Team

    Feb 19, 2020
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  17. baarry5444

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    Apr 8, 2014
    Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions! I may have conceded, but it was an interesting contest nonetheless. The reason why there were more entries than previous contests (I counted approximately 30 entries for this contest, including my own) was because it involved brainstorming ideas rather than making something functional. In the computer science world, such ideas are known as pseudocode, and documenting them first is usually good practice before writing a functional code, program, or basically anything in general.

    As stated above, I took part in this contest; my entry can be found here for quick and easy access. Before and after I submitted my entry, I wasn't expecting to win since there were a few more creative submissions, but I entered anyway, just for fun. Afterwards, I decided to reflect on what I could've done better.

    Looking back at my entry, I will admit my idea wasn't exactly 100% original. It was meant to be a reference to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Most people will know that the statements on the packaging do not correspond to the actual gameplay, making it one of the worst video games of all time. Thus, I thought to myself, what if I could make the packaging's supposed listed objectives into a reality in BeamNG? A race between semi trucks, delivering cargo first, and evading police were the ambiguous claims the 2003 PC game made, all of which were present on my entry.

    Even though I was able to recreate what could've been Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, the main issue is that it was merely a reinterpretation and nothing else. I have now learned that I will need to think outside of the box in order to come up with something more creative and original, rather than a remake of an existing concept or idea. Therefore, if the staff members host another contest involving creating a scenario like this one in the future, then I will be looking forward to creating an even better scenario idea, versus the one I mustered for the Community Mission Routes Contest.

    Once again, congrats to those who have won the contest :D
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