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Plane Crashes / Stories Thread

Discussion in 'BeamNG Roleplay Group' started by Captain. Adam, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    (The Concorde involved in this incident F-BTSC, was involved in a fatal accident after taking off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2000, killing all 109 on board and 4 on the ground, for information on that accident, click here)

    (The Boeing 767 involved in this incident, SU-GAP was involved in a fatal accident in the Pacific Ocean in 1999, killing all 217 on board, for information on that accident, click here)

    1998 Charles de Gaulle Airport runway incident

    Date: July 28th,1998
    Summary: Near Runway Collision
    Site: Runway 27L, Charles de Gaulle Airport,France
    Survivors: 178 (all)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):5

    Aircraft 1:

    (F-BTSC, The Concorde involved at Charles de Gaulle Aiport in 1985 and the same Concorde involved in the Air France 4590 crash)

    Operator: Air France
    Aircraft: Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde
    Registration: F-BTSC
    Flight Origin Airport: Charles de Gaulle Airport,France
    Flight Destination Airport: Washington Dulles Airport,Untied States
    Survivors: 98 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):---- (None)
    Flight Number: 1669
    Damage: None

    Plane 2:

    (SU-GAP, The Boeing 767 involved at Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport in 1999, the same year it crashed as Egyptair 990)

    Operator: Egyptair
    Aircraft Type: Boeing 767-300ER
    Registration: SU-GAP
    Flight Origin Airport: Cairo International Airport,Egypt
    Destination Airport: Charles de Gaulle Airport,France
    Injuries (Non Fatal):5
    Survivors:80 (All)
    Flight Number: 224
    Damage: Minor (Repaired)

    On July 28th,1998, at 12:15 PM, Air France 1669 is taxing to Runway 27L at Charles de Gaulle Airport, the flight is planning to go to Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia,United States, The plane is a 23 year old Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde on board are 6 crew, Captain Jean-Louis Delaplace,42 with 12,490 Hours (Including 9,874 Hours with Air France, this is his first flight on the Concorde), First Officer Maxine Boldier,39 with 8,150 Hours (Including 7,420 Hours with Air France and 150 Hours with Concorde), Engineer Gilles Jardinaud,56 with 10,859 Hours (Including 9,420 Hours with Air France and 910 Hours on Concorde) and 3 Flight Attendants Claude Benett,21 Antoinette Alard,17 and Jerónimo López,20. all crew were hired for Air France around 1978-1996 , meanwhile preparing to land is Egyptair flight 224, the flight is preparing to land at Runway 27L, the flight originated from Cairo International Airport in Egypt, the plane is a 9 Year old Boeing 767-300ER on board are 12 crew, Captain Kareem Hajjar,52 with 12,620 Hours (Including 11,720 Hours with Egyptair and 200 Hours on the Boeing 767), First Officer Siddeeqi al-Farooqui,42 with 9,100 Hours (Including 6,500 Hours with Egyptair and 658 Hours on the Boeing 767), Engineer Mamdooh el-Kashir,38 with 7,110 Hours (Including 6,748 Hours with Egyptair and 535 Hours on the Boeing 767), Navigator Psamtic Asker,31 with 5,200 Hours (Including 4,995 Hours with Egyptair and 165 Hours on the Boeing 767) and 8 Flight Attendants, Juwairiya el-Qazi,19, Anwar Antar,21, Saamir al-Hashemi,23, Sally Sarrah,17, Nu'mann el-Azad,16,Zaaida al-Gad,29,Nero Amari,15 and Moosha al-Habiti,30, All crew were hired for Egyptair around 1981-1994, while landing Air France 1669 gets into the way of the runway causing Egyptair 224 to swerve to avoid the Concorde and skid on the nearby grass,all 178 on both planes survived, but 5 on Egyptair 224 (All 4 Cockpit Crew,Steward Antar) have injuries, The 767 was repaired . Both planes had a tragic ending, on October 31st, 1999, the 767 crashed into the Pacific Ocean killing all 217 after takeoff from JFK International Airport) and on July 25th,2000, the Concorde crashed outside Paris killing all 109 on board and 4 on the ground, including engineer Jardinaud.


    AF 1669:
    France:69 (5 Crew,64 Passengers)
    Spain:11 (1 Crew,10 Passengers)
    United Kingdom:9
    United States:2

    MS 224:
    Egypt:70 (10 Crew,60 Passengers)
    France:7 (All Passengers)
    Libya:2 (Both Flight Attendants)
    Israel:1 (Passenger)

    (the paths of both planes in the incident, blue means AF 1669, Black means MS 224)

    The Near miss was caused by ATC Error accidently telling MS 224 to land on Runway 27L instead of 27R.

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    • Nearmisspaths.png
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    Apr 5, 2016
    (This is a long one)

    1994 Hong Kong Bell Crash (Deaths of Christopher "Chris" Andereasen and Barry Goodman)

    (A Bell 206 Similar to one involved)

    Operator: Warner Brothers Entertainment INC
    Date: April 18th, 1994
    Summary: :ilot Error due to Pilot Error
    Site:Hong Kong
    Aircraft: Bell 206
    Registration :N-1720
    Fatalities:6 (All) 3(Ground) Total:9 (8 from crash,1 from injuries)
    Survivors: 12 (Ground) (13 Initially) (9 minor,3 Serious)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):12 (Ground) (1 indirectly)
    Origin Airport: Hong Kong International Airport Helipad,Hong Kong
    Destination Airport: Hong Kong International Airport Helipad,Hong Kong
    Flight Number:N/A
    Damage: Destroyed

    Backstory information:
    Warner Brothers Entertainment INC Started filming "The Hong Kong Job" back in November of 1993, in the movie Notorious Criminal duo Lucas Allen (Played by Barry Goodman) and Daniel Harding (Played by Christopher "Chris" Andereasen) are assigned to commit a heist at the Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong in revenge of Martin Riley (Played by Matthew Modine), The CEO of Hang Seng Bank who embezzled from Allen's organization a year prior,Most of the film was shot in Hong Kong and Osaka,Japan while the beginning shot was filmed in Los Angeles,United States,

    Victims Information:

    Barry Goodman was born on August 23rd,1961 in Colorado Springs,Colorado,United States, His is the youngest cousin of Actor John Goodman, He studied acting at Arizona University He made his acting debut in 1982 staring in The Dark Skies a made for TV Slasher-Comedy as a Blockbuster Employee, at the time of his death he played in 8 movies and 2 TV Shows, at the time of his death he was scheduled to marry Emily Danner, The Sister of Actress Blythe Danner

    Christopher "Chris" Andereasen was born on December 4th,1964 in Modesto,California,United States, he studied acting at University of California,Berkeley and made his acting debut in 1985 in The Boy of the Way a Drama-Tragedy as a homeless man, at the time of his death he played in 6 movies, he married two weeks prior to his death, Surprisingly while playing in the 1990 Film Lockerbie, a Documentary about Pan Am 103, he almost was killed when a piece of metal struck him in the left side of his forehead, leaving a huge scar.

    Day of accident:

    Conditions were nice on the day of the crash in Hong Kong and was a good day for flying


    There's a scene in The Hong Kong Job where Both Allen and Harding jump on the top of the Hang Seng Tower in Hong Kong and break into the vault by jumping from a helicopter,

    The Helicopter in question was a 6 year old Bell 206, registered as N-1720, The Pilot controlling the Bell was 31 year old Hiroaki Okamoto from Hiroshima,Japan with 560 Hours (Including 250 Hours on the Bell 206) he flew with Helicopters for 4 years. the passengers were Goodman,Andereasen and two stunt doubles, Chad Hanning,34 (Goodman's Double) and Kevin Barker,35 (Andereasen's Double) and Camerawoman Eloise Rodriquez,28 but while filming the scene, the Bell struck the side of the Bank and fell while breaking up and crashed into a filming crew on the ground, all 6 on board, a Canadian camerawoman named Erin Lopez,25 and a South Korean Tourist Pong Soo-jim,19 were killed on scene, Pong's boyfriend Nae Duck-Young died in hospital on April 21st, 8 Crew and 3 other civilians were injured (1 Crew member Conner Poythress had minor injuries from falling while running away from the scene)

    (A Photo of the Bank Tower, sometime after the crash)

    United States:9 (5 Plane,4 Ground Crew) (5 Killed,3 Seriously Injured,1 with minor injuries)
    China:3 (all Civilians) (All survived with minor injuries)
    South Korea:2 (Both Tourists) (Both killed)
    Canada:1 (Crew Member) (Killed)
    Japan:1 (Pilot) (Killed)
    Germany:1 (Crew Member) (Survived with minor injuries)
    Belgium:1 (Crew member) (Survived with minor injuries)
    France:1 (Crew member) (Survived with minor injuries)


    Warner Brothers was sued by The families of the killed victims after a 2 month battle, Warners Brothers won the case since the crash was proven to be the fault of the pilot, not the studio,

    After a 3 month delay of the film, The Hong Kong Job was released on October 24th of 1994, earning $4.2M at the box office and has a good reception with a 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.9 on IMDB, The Film is in Memory of both Goodman and Andereasen. (The rest of the film had two doubleganger crew of both actors for the rest of the movie)

    (Location of wreckage, Dot indicates wreckage)

    The crash was caused by the Pilot's confusion of controlling the helicopter during filming

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    • Bell-206-Jet-Ranger-flying.jpg
    • nxfoVspMAyU.jpg
    • wreakagelocation.png
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    Apr 5, 2016
    :Korean Air 4730

    (A Korean Air Boeing 747 similar to one involved at Charles De Gaulle Airport in 1985, the 747 in the photo was destroyed in a crash in Guam,United States in 1997)

    Operator: Korean Air
    Date: July 12th,1990
    Summary: Pilot Error due to Weather and Loss of Control
    Site: 7 Miles from Daniel K.Inouye Airport,Hawaii,United States
    Aircraft: Boeing 747-200B
    Registration: HL4211
    Fatalities: 146 (13 Crew,133 Passengers)
    Survivor: 63 (1 Flight Attendant,62 Passengers)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):60 (1 Flight ATtendant,59 Passengers)
    Origin Airport: Seoul-Incheon Airport,South Korea
    Stopover Airport: Tokyo-Narita Airport,Japan
    Destination Airport: Daniel K.Inoyue Airport,United States
    Flight Number: 4730
    Damage: Destroyed

    On July 12th,1990,Korean Air 4730 is flying over Hawaii,United States planning to arrive at Daniel.K Inoyue Airport, The Flight Originated at Seoul-Incheon Airport in South Korea and had a stopover at Tokyo-Narita Airport in Japan, The Plane is a 12 Year old Boeing 747-200B, On board are 13 Crew, Captain Ryon Min-Kyung,48 with 8,590 Hours (Including 6,870 Hours with Korean Air and 840 Hours on Boeing 747s), First Officer Kim Il-Seong,42 with 6,758 Hours (Including 4,986 Hours with Korean Air and 985 Hours on Boeing 747s), Engineer Ma Young-Jin,37 with 7,580 Hours (Including 6,986 Hours with Korean Air and 520 Hours on Boeing 747s), Navigator Kwok Woo-Jung,31 with 5,110 Hours (All Hours with Korean Air and 280 on Boeing 747s), Relief First Officer Mun Chung-Ho,40 with 2,490 Hours (Including 1,485 Hours with Korean Air and 600 Hours on Boeing 747s), Relief First Officer Sim Kwong-Seok,35 with 1,490 Hours (Including 800 Hours with Korean Air and 140 Hours on Boeing 747s) and 8 Flight Attendants (7 were South Korean,1 was Taiwanese), On board are 195 Passengers, Most of them were South Koreans on vacation to Hawaii, Among those passengers was South Korean Model Wi Yoon-Mi The Plane is going through a small thunderstorm and is hard to see what's ahead, the plane crashes into a forest on the Oahu Island, only 7 Miles from Daniel.K Inoyue Airport, 146 on board were killed, (all 6 Cockpit crew,7 Flight Attendants and 133 Passengers), Only 1 Flight Attendant and 62 Passengers survived, 60 of the survivors were injured, 59 of the survivors were sent to The Queen's medical center in Honolulu, and 1 Survivor was sent to Los Angeles Community Hospital in L.A due to serious injuries

    Nationalities of victims were:
    South Korea:168*a (13 Crew,155 Passengers) ( 116 Killed, 52 Survivor)
    Japan:25 (18 Killed,7 Survivor)
    United States:14 (11 killed,3 Survivor)
    Taiwan:1 (Flight Attendant) (Killed)
    Philippines:1*b (Passenger) (Survived)

    *a among the 155 passengers were 10 Deadheading Korean Air Employees (8 Killed,2 Survived)

    *b The Filipino Passenger Juan Christobal Magnaye Legaspi,24 was an expatriate residing in Hawaii

    (The Forest, Flight 4730 crashed in, taken in 2011)

    (Location of Crash on Google Maps, White Dot indicates crash-site)

    Due to a big Thunderstorm and the pilots losing their power to properly control the 747, Flight 4730 crashed into the forest of Oahu,

    Korean Air Still flies from Seoul-Incheon to Honolulu as Flight 53

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    • forest4730.png
    • 4730crash.png
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    Apr 5, 2016
    1986 St.Clair Count Mid-Air Collision

    Date: February 2nd,19860
    Summary: Mid-Air Collision due to Communication Error
    Site:St.Clair County,Alabama,United States
    Fatalities:9 (All on Cessna 208)
    Survivor:2 (Both on Cessna 172)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):1 (Pilot of Cessna 172)

    Plane 1:

    (A Comair Cessna 208, Similar to one involved)

    Operator: Northwest Airlink (Northwest Airlines Regional Subsidiary)
    Aircraft:Cessna 208 Caravan
    Registration: C-SHIA
    Crew: 1
    Origin Airport: Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport,Alabama,United States
    Destination Airport: Memphis International Airport,Tennessee,United States
    Fatalities:9 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):0 (None)
    Flight Number:480

    Plane 2:

    (N46344, the airplane involved in 2013)

    Operator: St.Claire County Flight School
    Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhwak
    Registration: N46344
    Crew:2 (All)
    Flight Origin: St.Clair Airfield,Alabama,United States
    Destination Airport: St.Clair Airfield,Alabama, United States
    Survivors:2 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):1 (Pilot) (By Broken Glass)
    Flight Number:N/A
    Damage: Damage to windshield, repaired

    On February 2nd,1986, Northwest Airlink flight 480 is flying over St.Clair County,Alabama,United States, the flight's destination is Memphis International Airport in Tennessee, the plane is a 2 month old Cessna 208 Caravan, Registered C-SHIA, On board is 1 Pilot Lindsay Klar,29 with 88 Hours (Including 40 Hours with Northwest and 8 Hours on Cessna 208 Caravans) on board are 8 passengers, all were residents of Memphis returning home, Also flying in St.Clair County is N46344, A 28 Year old Cessna 172 Skyhawk owned by the St.Clair County Flight School, The Flight Originated at St.Clair Airfield near Wattsville, On board are two crew, Pilot Tim Gaskins,17 who has been studying at the Flight School for 4 Months (At the time of incident) and Instructor Rhett Willis,40, who been instructing at the Flight School for 9 Years and one of the most experienced of the instructors, while in the air, the Cessna 208's right landing gear struck the windshield of the Cessna 172 shattering it and injuring Gaskins, Northwest Airlink 480, loses control and crashes head on into the ground, killing all 9 people, The Cessna 172 made an emergency landing at St.Clair Airfield, The Cessna 172's windshield was replaced 2 weeks after the accident,

    The Nationalities of the victims were
    United States;11 (9 on Flight 480, 2 on Cessna 172) (9 killed,2 Survivor) (1 Survivor injured)

    Due to lack of communication on both planes, the two planes collided into each other

    Willis continued teaching at the Flight School until 2002, he died in 2017 from Heart Failure

    Gaskins became a pilot and worked for United Airlines from 1989-2004 and served for American Airlines from 2005-2012, Since 2013 he is serving with Hawaiian Airlines

    The Location of Wreckage of Flight 480 (Dot indicates wreckage);


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    • 800px-1968-Cessna-172K.jpg
    • Flight480location.png
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    Apr 5, 2016
    British Airways 0058

    (G-BOAB, The Concorde Involved on Display at London-Heathrow Airport in 2013)

    Operator: British Airways
    Date: May 14th,1997
    Summary: Hijacking
    Site: Over Atlantic Ocean (Emergency landed at JFK International Airport)
    Aircraft: Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde
    Registration: G-BOAB
    Passengers:86 (Including 2 Hijackers)
    Fatalities:4 (Both Hijackers,1 Passenger,1 Stewardess)
    Survivor 88 (5 crew,83 Passengers)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):8 (Both Pilots, 1 Engineer, 2 Flight Attendants,3 Passengers) (6 by Gunfire)
    Origin Airport: London-Heathrow Airport,United Kingdom
    Destination Airport: JFK International Airport,United States
    Flight Number: 0058
    Damage: None


    On May 14th,1997, British Airways 0058 is flying over the Atlantic Ocean, The Flight originated from London-Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom and has a destination of JFK International Airport in the United States, The plane is a 21 year old Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, on board are 6 Crew, Captain Matthew Macdonald,43 with 8,540 Hours (Including 5,210 Hours with British Airways and 42 Hours on Concorde), First Officer Howard Richardson,57 with 9,490 Hours (Including 5,529 Hours with British Airways and 45 Hours on Concorde), Engineer Richard Walker,38 with 4,590 Hours (Including 3,754 Hours with British Airways and 56 Hours on Concorde) and three flight attendants Grace Pearce,24, Debra Kennedy,21, and Jacqueline Bryne-Henderson,30, also on board are 86 Passengers, Among them are Brothers Nicolas,17 and Stephen Wolf,20, Stephen has a Berreta M9 and M1911 in his backpack and shoots at Stewardess Kennedy with the M9 in the back killing her, he gives the M1911 to Nicolas, A former British Army Soldier Alexander Ellis,27 tries to charge at both brothers but is shot in the head by Nicolas and killed, Nicolas then shoots at Stewardesses Pearce and Bryne-Henderson, both of them injured Both Brothers storm into the cockpit, Captain Macdonald is shot twice by Stephen, First Officer Richardson is shot once in the liver by Nicolas, Both brothers then try to control the aircraft and a fight enrages, two passengers and Engineer Walker were injured from the fight, both pilots managed to control the Concorde and emergency land at JFK International Airport , both brothers committed suicide when the plane landed to avoid arrest, the 5 surviving crew and the two British passengers were treated in the United States and returned to the United Kingdom the next month. The American Passenger injured was released from hospital three weeks later

    The Nationalities of those on board were:
    United Kingdom:54* (6 Crew,48 Passengers) (4 Dead*,50 Survived) (7 were injured)
    United States:38 (All Passengers) (All Survived) (1 Injured)

    * both hijackers committed suicide while 1 Flight Attendant and 1 Passenger were shot and killed by the hijackers

    It turned out both the Wolf Brothers had Anger Issues and were abused as children leading them to become violent and try to hijack to kill everyone including themselves on Flight 0058

    Captain Macdonald remained flying with British Airways until retiring in 2012 after 25 Years flying with them, he died from Type 2 diabetes in July of 2018

    First Officer Richardson remained flying with British Airways until retiring in 2001 after 9 years flying with Them,

    Engineer Walker remained flying with British Airways until 2007 after serving 13 years with Them, he still serves with Aer Lingus as of 2008

    As of 2003, G-BOAB, the Concorde involved is on display at London-Heathrow Airport

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Japan Airlines Cargo 4720

    (JA8915, the plane involved at Tokyo-Narita Airport in October of 2009, two months prior to the incident)

    Operator: Japan Airlines Cargo (Japan Airlines Subsidiary)
    Date: December 17th,2009
    Summary: Lost contact from ATC, Intercept by Royal Australian Air Force
    Site: Over Coral Sea (70 Miles off coast of Queensland,Australia)
    Aircraft: Boeing 747-446BCF
    Registration: JA8915
    Survivor:5 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):0 (None)
    Nature:International Scheduled Cargo
    Origin Airport:Sydney Airport,Australia
    Stopover Airport: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport,Taiwan
    Destination Airport:Tokyo-Narita International Airport,Japan
    Flight Number: 4720

    On December 17th,2009, Japan Airlines Cargo 4720 is flying over The Coral Sea, The Flight Originated from Sydney Airport in Australia, has a stopover at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan and has a destination of Tokyo-Narita International Airport in Japan, The Plane is a 11 year old Boeing 747-400BCF, On Board are 5 Crew, Captain Hirayama Tadasuke,52 with 14,210 Hours (Including 11,250 Hours with Japan Airlines and 1,200 Hours on Boeing 747s), First Officer Naoki Shigenobu,46 with 9,798 Hours (Including 6,786 Hours with Japan Airlines and 924 Hours on Boeing 747s), Engineer Nobou Toyoharu,41 with 7,510 Hours (Including 4,814 Hours with Japan Airlines and 490 Hours on Boeing 747s), Relief Captain Hideaki Kyushichi,37 with 5,390 Hours (Including 2,005 Hours with Japan Airlines and 1,485 Hours on Boeing 747s) and Relief First Officer Hisaya Tomoyuki,40 with 8,779 Hours (Including 5,226 Hours with Japan Airlines and 800 Hours on Boeing 747s), At 11:28 AM, Flight 4720 disappears from radar,10 Miles off the coast of Queensland,Australia at 40,000 Feet, In Response the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) sends a Boeing F/A-18F to intercept the plane, The Main Pilot of the F/A-18F is Jeremy Flowers,22 with 105 Hours (Including 25 Hours on Boeing F/As) and Co-Pilot is Ethan Playford,25 from with 88 Hours (Including 12 Hours on Boeing F/As). At 11:42, The F/A-18F catches up to the 747 and this conversation started:

    PF=Pilot Flowers, CT= Captain Tadasuke, FIS= First Officer Sigenobu

    PF= This is First Lieutenant Jeremy Flowers from The Royal Australian Air Force speaking, Registration JA8915 Boeing 747-400, 70 Miles from Brisbane, You are now being intercepted by the Royal Australian Air Force

    CT=What's going on?

    PF= You had been missing from Radar and we are checking if anything is okay,

    FIS= We are okay, Nothing wrong had happened

    PF= For Full Identification, Please list your Callsign and Number of Flight Plan

    CT= Okay, It's Japan Air Cargo 4720, Flight 4720

    PF= Japan Air Cargo 4720, Please Maintain your elements and please standby for radio and instruction

    CT= Alright then, Maintaining heading Japan Air Cargo 4720

    PF= Thank you, Merry Christmas

    CT=Merry Christmas, Bye

    The Flight continues on to its stopover at Taipei and its destination of Tokyo, All 5 on board survived

    It's unknown why the flight disappeared from radar


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    Apr 5, 2016
    Emirates 12

    (An Emirates A380-800 Similar to one involved at Munich Airport in 2015)

    Operator: Emirates
    Date: December 29th,2017
    Summary: CFIT on landing due to pilot error
    Site: Dubai International Airport,United Arab Emirates
    Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
    Registration: A6-EDB
    Survivor: 611 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):214 (3 Crew,211 Passengers)
    Nature: International Scheduled Passenger
    Origin Airport:London-Heathrow Airport,United Kingdom
    Destination Airport: Dubai International Airport,United Arab Emirates
    Flight Number:12
    Damage: Destroyed

    On December 29th,2017, Emirates 12 is preparing to land at Dubai International Airport in The United Arab Emirates, The Flight Originated at London-Heathrow Airport in The United Kingdom, The plane is a 5 Year old Airbus A380-800, On board are 12 Crew, Captain Musaaid al-Tabatabai,43 with 12,420 Hours (Including 4,580 Hours on Airbus A380s), First Officer Abdul Wahaab el-Shehadeh,38 with 11,290 Hours (Including 6,200 Hours on Airbus A380s) Engineer Bradley "Brad" Peters,51 with 13,580 Hours (Including 250 Hours on Airbus A380s) and 9 Flight flight Attendants (6 Emiratis,1 Qatari,1 British and 1 Kuwaiti), On board are 599 passengers, Mostly Europeans on vacation to Dubai,While Landing the plane loses control and crashes on runway 12L, The Front of The A380 breaks up from the rest of the body and skids down the runway, surprisingly all 615 survived with the 3 cockpit crew and 211 Passengers suffering injuries, Flight 12 is the third A380 destroyed in a crash (The 1st Being Singapore Airlines 218 in December of 2014 and the second being British Airways 15 from June of 2017)

    Nationalities of all on board (Alphabetically):
    Australia:2 (1 Injured)
    :Austria:4 (2 injured)
    Bahrain:2 (1 injured)
    :Belgium:5 (3 injured)
    :Bosnia and Herzegovina:1 (Injured)
    :Bulgaria:2 (1 injured)
    :Comoros:1 (injured)
    :Costa Rica:2
    :Croatia:3 (1 injured)
    :Czech Republic:3 (2 injured)
    : Denmark:6 (2 injured)
    : East Timor (Timor-Leste):1
    :Egypt:1 (Injured)
    :Estonia:2 (1 injured)
    :Finland:3 (1 injured)
    :France: 54 (33 injured)
    :Georgia:2 (1 injured)
    :Germany:42 (24 injured)
    :Hungary:3 (1 injured)
    :India:6 (5 injured)
    :Iran:9 (6 Injured)
    :Ireland:13 (9 injured)
    :Italy:10 (7 injured)
    :Jordan:6 (1 injured)
    :Kuwait:5 (4 passengers 1 crew)
    :Libya:3 (2 injured)
    :Luxembourg:3 (1 injured)
    :Malta:2 (1 injured)
    :Montenegro:2 (1 injured)
    :Netherlands:8 (4 injured)
    :Oman:14 (5 injured)
    : Pakistan:11 (7 injured)
    : Poland:6 (3 injured)
    : Portugal:3
    :Qatar:3 (1 crew,2 Passengers)
    :Saudi Arabia:9 (5 Injured)
    :Slovakia:2 (both injured)
    :South Africa:1
    :Spain:9 (6 injured)
    :Switzerland:5 (2 injured)
    :Turkey:3 (2 injured)
    :Ukraine:2 (1 injured)
    :United Arab Emirates:47 (8 crew,39 Passengers) (9 injured)
    :United Kingdom:252 (2 Crew,250 passengers) (62 injured)

    The A380 bounced during landing and the pilot's couldn't correct the landing in time resulting in the crash

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    Apr 5, 2016
    :Air Canada 5482

    (An Air Canada Boeing 747-133, Similar to one involved at Dublin Airport in 1992)

    Operator: Air Canada
    Date: July 8th,1994
    Summary: CFIT due to Runway Overrun due to short runway and pilot error
    Site: Victoria Bay,Hong Kong
    Aircraft: Boeing 747-133
    Registration: C-FOAP
    Fatalities: 115 (4 Crew,111 Passengers) (4 from injuries, 2 from drowning,109 from crash)
    Survivor:201 (12 Crew,289 Passengers) (205 Initially)
    Injuries (Non Fatal): 168 (9 Crew,159 Passengers)
    Nature: International Scheduled Passenger
    Origin Airport: Sydney Airport,Australia
    Stopover Airport 1: Singapore Changi Airport,Singapore
    Stopover Airport 2: Kai Tak International Airport,Hong Kong
    Stopover Airport 3: Vancouver International Airport,Canada
    Destination Airport: Toronto-Pearson International Airport,Canada
    Flight Number:5482
    Damage: Destroyed

    On July 8th,1994, Air Canada 5482 is at Kai Tak International Airport in Hong Kong for a stopover, The Flight originated at Sydney Airport in Australia, had a stopover at Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore and after stoping at Kai Tak International Airport have another stopover at Vancouver International Airport in Canada and arrive at Toronto-Pearson International Airport, The Plane is a 17 Year old Boeing 747-133 registered as C-FOAP, on board are 16 Crew, Captain Christopher Ermey,54 with 19,582 Hours (Including 6,584 Hours on Boeing 747s and serving with Air Canada for 22 Years), First Officer Charles "Charlie" Stanberry,47 with 15,762 Hours (Including 3,490 Hours on Boeing 747s and serving with Air Canada for 11 Years), Second Officer/Engineer Joseph Robertson,41 with 11,430 Hours (Including 1,480 Hours on Boeing 747s and serving with Air Canada for 8 Years), Purser Steve Pearson,35 and 12 Flight Attendants. Helen Spigner,29, Megan Bennett,24, Daniel Collon,32,Mary Delarge,31, Loretta Tondreau,27, Mary Akridge,30, Nancy Ayers,34, Dennis McCaslin,27, David Qimby,26, Marie-Madeleine About,27, Angélique Bacque,29 and Kevin Ménétries,21. On Board are 300 Passengers, In total 316 are on board, At 10:52 PM Kai Tak ATC give the flight permission to takeoff at Runway 13, At 10:55 Flight 5482 is taking off on the runway but crashes into the Victoria Bay on its Right Side, First officer Stanberry,Second Officer Robertson, Stewardess Bennett and 105 passengers were killed on impact, Two passengers couldn't get out in time and drowned and Steward McCaslin and 3 passengers died from their injuries, Totaling 115 Fatalities. 11 Crew and 289 Passengers survived (Including Captain Ermey) (168 of whom were injured) Flight 5482 remains the second deadliest crash in Air Canada's 82 years of Flying (Behind Trans Canada Air Lines 831, killing all 118 on board back in 1963)

    :Australia:62 (All Passengers) (24 Killed,38 Survived) (34 Survivors injured)
    :Austria:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (injured)
    :Bangladesh:1 (Passenger) (Killed)
    :Belgium:2 (Both Passengers) (1 killed,1 Survivor) (Survivor injured)
    :Brunei:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Survived) (Not injured)
    :Cambodia:2 (Both Passengers) (1 killed,1 Survivor) (Survivor injured)
    :Canada:76 (12 Crew,64 Passengers) (52 Killed,24 Survived) (19 Survivors injured)
    :China:49 (All Passengers) (12 killed,37 Survived) (36 survivors injured)
    : Denmark:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Injured)
    : Dominican Republic:2 (Both Passengers) (Both Survived) (both injured)
    :Ecuador:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (injured)
    :France:3 (2 Crew,1 Passenger) (1 killed,2 Survived) (Both 2 survivors injured)
    :India:5 (All Passengers) (3 Killed,2 Survived) (both 2 survivors injured)
    :Indonesia:7 (All Passengers) (3 killed,4 Survived) (3 Survivors injured)
    :Italy:2 (Both Passengers) (1 killed,1 Survived) (Survivor not injured)
    :Japan:4 (All Passengers) (2 killed,2 Survived) (1 survivor injured)
    :Laos:1 (Passenger) (Killed)
    :Madagascar:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Injured)
    :Malaysia:6 (All Passengers) (3 killed,3 Survived) (all 3 Survivors injured)
    :Mexico:2 (Both Passengers) (1 killed,1 Survived) (Survivor injured)
    :Mongolia:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Injured)
    : Nepal:1 (Passenger) (Killed)
    :New Zealand:3 (All Passengers) (2 killed,1 Survivor) (Survivor injured)
    :Nigeria:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Not injured)
    :Norway:1 (Passenger) (Killed)
    : Palau:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Not injured)
    : Panama:2 (Both Passengers) (both survived) (1 injured)
    : Papua New Guinea:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Injured)
    : Philippines:2 (Both Passengers) (Both Survived) (both injured)
    : Poland:2 (Both Passengers) (Both Survived) (1 injured)
    :Russia:1 (passenger) (Survived) (injured)
    :Samoa:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Not injured)
    :Singapore;27 (All Passengers) (3 killed,24 Survived) ( 25 survivors injured)
    :Solomon Islands:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Not injured)
    :South Korea:2 (Both Passengers) (Both Survived) (both injured)
    :Sri Lanka:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (Injured)
    :Switzerland:1 (Passenger) (Survived) (not injured)
    :Syria:2 (Both Passengers) (Both Survived) (1 injured,1 not injured)
    :Taiwan:6 (all passengers) (All Survived) (1 injured)
    :Thailand:4 (all passengers) (All Survived) (All not injured)
    :Tonga:1 (passenger) (Survived) (Not injured)
    : United States:10 (all Passengers) (All Survived) ( 9 injured)
    : United States:14 (2 Crew,12 Passengers) (2 killed,12 Survived) (11 Survivors injured)
    : Venezuela:1 (passenger) (Survived) (injured)

    Captain Ermey was put on trial for manslaughter in 1997 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being proven guilty, According to Blackbox recordings he forgot to put on flaps and claimed to have no experience taking off at Kai Tak Airport, he was released in 2004 and currently resides in Ottawa

    Air Canada ended their 747 service in 2004, Air Canada still flies from Sydney to Toronto, with a stop in Vancouver but with a Boeing 777

    Kai Tak Airport closed in 1998 and was replaced with Hong Kong International Airport

    The wreckage of the 747 involved remains at the beach of the Victoria Bay rusting

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    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    Air Star Museum Flight 2459
    On July 19th, 1970, Air Star Museum Flight 2459 departed from the Italy Airport at night time for a local sightseeing flight. The flight was being operated by a WW2 B-25 Mitchell aircraft that was owned by So Cal Stars Leasing LLC.
    About two minutes after takeoff, the plane entered a descending bank before impacting terrain while trying to make an emergency landing.
    All three cockpit crew members and six passengers perished. It was later determined that a failure in the number 1 engine (left engine) caused the attempted emergency landing.

    (An Identical B-25)
    Date: 19 / July / 1970
    Site: Italy
    Summary: Engine Failure
    Aircraft Type: North American B-25 Mitchell
    Operator/Owner: So Cal Stars Leasing LLC operating for Air Museum as Fight 2459
    Registration: N31953L
    Crew: 3
    Passengers: 6
    Survivor: 0 (1 initially)
    Fatalities: 9 (all)
    Injuries (Non Fatal): -
    Phase: Initial Climb
    Nature: Sightseeing / Photography
    Departure Airport: Italy Airport
    Destination Airport: Italy Airport
    Damage: Destroyed

    - Flight:
    The flight was scheduled to depart at around 9:30 PM, but due to faults in the operator's aircraft, the flight was delayed for 11:15 PM. Airport engineers said that the faults in the aircraft could take up a day to be dealt with. The operator decided to use one of their older machines, an early 1940s, WW2 era, North American B-25 Mitchell, registered N31953L.
    The planned number of passengers were eight, but due to the delay, one of the local tourists that planned for an early morning flight decided to board the flight.
    The aircraft was cleared to taxi at 11:31 PM. No problems were noted during the takeoff and there were no distress calls from the plane.
    At around 11:33 PM, the crew sent three mayday calls to the tower and requested to return, but the plane disappeared from ATC screens soon after.
    The pilots were trying to land in an open farm field when the plane struck walls and a tree before catching fire. Emergency services were on the scene shortly after, one passenger seated in the back initially survived, but he passed away two days later due to the injures sustained in the crash.

    The NTSB sent a team to help Italian Investigators to determine what caused the crash. The following day, Italian Investigators agreed to give the NTSB full charge of the investigation.
    The investigators arrived the following day, the wreckage was removed to a secure location near the airport, some parts were sent to WA for more detailed analysis.
    A Preliminary report was released one week after the accident. The final report was released one year and two months after the accident.

    - History of the Flight:

    - Preliminary Report:

    On July 19th, 1970, at around 1633 Eastern Standard Time, Air Star Museum Flight 2459, a North American B-25 Mitchell, N31953L, impacted terrain and a tree during an attempted force landing shortly after takeoff following a loss of engine power in the left engine in Italy. The two pilots, navigator, and six passengers were fatally injured. The airplane was destroyed by impact forces and post crash fire. No flight plan was filed for the aerial photo flight that departed Italy Airport. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight that was conducted under 14 Code of Federal Regulation Part 91
    The ATC reported that the crew sent three mayday calls shortly after takeoff. The plane then disappeared from ATC screens. Several witnesses reported seeing the aircraft in a steep left descend with the landing gears down.

    The aircraft touched down in a farm field near a road intersection, traveled at high speed, striking stone walls that were surrounding the field before impacting a tree. A post crash fire ensued. (Figure 1)
    All components of the airframe and the engine were located at the accident site. The wreckage was relocated to a secured facility for further examination.

    (Figure 1)

    - History of the Flight:
    The multi-seat WW2 era aircraft departed at 11:31 PM from Italy Airport on a local sightseeing flight. No problems were noted in the departure. The crew started to climb to the right. At 11:33 PM, ATC at Italy Airport received three Mayday calls, the pilots of the plane reported a failure in one of the engines and that they wanted to return. The plane was seen on a descending left bank with the landing gears down and the flaps set in the landing position. The plane struck stone walls and terrain before bursting into flames. The three crew members and six passengers were fatally injured.

    An examination of the number left engine (number 1) revealed that the failure was caused by fatigue cracking between the No. 5 and No. 6 cheeks. The cracking pattern suggested that numerous overstress conditions of relatively short durations acted to initiate the fatigue cracks, but the cause for this overstress could not be determined.

    - Probable Cause:
    • A loss of engine power in the left engine due to metal fatigue during a critical phase of the flight. The exact cause of the metal fatigue could not be determined.

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Air France 1952

    (F-GITF, The 747 involved in 2012 at Charles de Gaulle Airport)

    Operator: Air France
    Date: September 26th,2001
    Summary: Suspected Hijacking, Almost Shot down by U.S Navy, False Alarm
    Site: Over Atlantic Ocean (Emergancy landed at Logan International Airport,United States)
    Aircraft: Boeing 747-428
    Registration: F-GITF
    Survivor: 366 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):0
    Nature:International Scheduled Passenger
    Phase: En-Flight
    Origin Airport: Charles de Gaulle Airport,France
    Destination Airport: JFK International Airport,United States
    Flight Number: 1952

    On September 26th,2001, at 9:39 AM Air France 1952 was flying over the Atlantic Ocean bound for JFK International Airport in The United States, The flight originated at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, The flight is being operated by a 9 year old Boeing 747-428 registered as F-GITF, On Board are 15 Crew, Captain Léonard Barthélemy,49 from Versailles with 16,210 Hours (Including 6,290 Hours on Boeing 747s and serving Air France for 12 Years), First Officer Ben Wackernagel,44 from Geneva,Switzerland with 14,495 Hours (Including 1,450 Hours on Boeing 747s and serving Air France for 2 Years after leaving Swissair),Second Officer Rémy Vaillancourt,50 from Chartres with 11,550 Hours (Including 985 Hours on Boeing 747s and Serving Air France for 26 Years), Relief Captain Kévin Mossé,46 from Lille with 10,340 Hours (Including 520 Hours on Boeing 747s and serving with Air France for 7 Years), Relief First Officer Grégoire De Verley,51 with 17,690 Hours (Including 7,140 hours on Boeing 747s and Serving with Air France for 12 Years) and 10 Flight Attendants, Bénédicte Carbonneau,29 (French) , Émilienne De Villiers,31 (French) , Yvette Regnard,25 (French) ,Victòria Vea,18 (Andorran) , Robin Metzener,28, (Swiss) , Lars Springborn, 33 (German) Swenja Fries,22 (German) Ana Sofía Ureña,30 (Spanish) ,Raphaël Granet,29 (Ivorian) and Ari Jakubowicz,20 (Israeli) , On board are 351 Passengers,Mostly Americans heading home after told it was safe to return home to The United States. The Pilots decide to contact Air France Headquarters about the attacks, one of the messages contains the words "Mayday", That messages doesn't immediately raises red flags, However at 9:55,ARINC a company that airlines pay to transmit text messages to and from their flights,spots the word "Mayday" sent by the pilots, concerned about the message,ARINC sends to messages to the FAA, The FAA suspects the flight has been hijacked and The FAA contacts the U.S Navy about the message, at 10:00, The U.S Navy sends a Lockheed Martin Lightning II and a Boeing F/A-18 from the USS George Washington, Flight 1952 shows its next sign of possibly being hijacked when the aircraft starts turning into odd directions, ATC Contact from the USS George Washington asks Flight 1952 about their status, The ATC orders the Plane to change their status code to 7500, The Universal signal of a Hijacking in case they didn't have been hijacked, the pilots would react to this effect, at 10:05 AM, Captain Barthélemy changes the plane's transponder to 7500, Worried about an attack, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani orders the evacuation of The Empire State Building,Chrysler Building and tourist areas, At 10:10 AM, The U.S Navy Fighter jets catch up to and trail Flight 1952. at 10:12 The U.S Navy announces that they will shoot down Flight 1952 before it can reach New York City unless it diverts to Boston Logan International Airport. After a conversation with the USS George Washington, The Pilots reluctantly agree to divert to Boston,

    :Andorra:1 (Flight Attendant)
    :Belgium 5
    :Canada: 19
    :Chile: 1
    : Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast):1 (Flight Attendant)

    :Czech Republic:2
    : Denmark:3
    :Estonia: 1
    :France:84 (7 Crew,77 Passengers)
    ;Germany: 56 (2 Flight Attendants,54 Passengers)
    :Israel:1 (Flight Attendant)
    :New Zealand:1
    : Poland:4
    : Portugal:5
    :South Korea:1
    :Spain:11 (1 Flight Attendant,10 Passengers)
    :Switzerland:5 (1 First Officer,1 Fight Attendant,3 Passengers)
    :United Kingdom:11
    :United States:88

    Landing,Investigation and aftermath:

    At 10:38 AM, Air France Flight 1952 emergancy lands at Boston Logan International Airport in Massachusetts,United States, The FBI and Boston Police surrounded the plane and ordered all occupants to immediately leave the plane with their hands up, One German passenger said "It was like we were surrendered soldiers surrounded by the enemy" Two Turkish Passengers, 1 Greek Passenger and 1 Egyptian Passenger were arrested due to them being "Suspicious",all four of the arrested passengers were released on September 28th. The other Passengers and crew were not allowed to leave for 1 and a half hours. After interviewing the Cockpit Crew (Captain Barthélemy, First Officer Wackernagel and Second Officer Vailiancourt) The FBI and Boston Police learned the whole incident was a misunderstanding. Captain Barthélemy claimed he was ordered by ATC to change the transponder code and ATC doing so. The Order to Squak 7500 was made by ATC expecting if the flight was not hijacked the pilots would react to the effect,instead they complied to the orders made by ATC which caused ATC to believed they were hijacked, The Entire 747 was searched by the FBI and TSA for a total of two days but nothing suspicious was found, On September 28th the FBI announced that Flight 1952 was never hijacked, Air France stated the "Mayday" message was innocent, The Mayday message was talking about the Mayday calls of the flights hijacked on 9/11. The Reason Captain Barthélemy changed the Flight Singling isn't known. The U.S blamed the false alarm on "Muddled communications between ATC and the Crew of the Flight" but Air France claims that Captain Barthélemy "Believed he was forced by ATC to send out the hijack signal" , One Spokesman for Air France said "Our Captain of that flight was obeying instructions given by The U.S Navy ATC to squawk Code 7500, He just realized the situation was serious"

    The Plane involved, F-GITF continued to serve with Air France until 2015 and was scrapped, Air France no longer uses Flight 1952 but still flies from Charles de Gaulle to JFK International

    Captain Barthélemy continued serving with Air France until retiring in 2014 at age 62

    First Officer Wackernagel continued serving with Air France until 2003, he joined Swiss International Airlines in 2004 and flew with them until 2015 , he has since retired from flying

    Second Officer Valiancourt continued serving with Air France until retiring in 2015 at age 64, he died from a heart attack on December 11th,2017 at age 66

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    Apr 5, 2016
    1949 BOAC Short Solent Crash

    (A Short Solent similar to one involved in the 1981 Film Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pan Am didn't use Short Solents)

    Operator: BOAC
    Date: February 6th,1949
    Summary: Crashed in Ocean during Takeoff due to Unknown Reason
    Site:English Channel,United Kingdom
    Aircraft: Short Solent
    Registration: G-AHIM
    Fatalities:5 (All) (1 from Drowning)
    Survivor:0 (1 Initially)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):0 (No one survived)
    Nature: Test
    Phase: Takeoff
    Origin Airport: Torguay Docks,United Kingdom
    Destination Airport: Torguay Docks,United Kingdom
    Flight Number:N/A
    Damage: Destroyed


    On February 6th,1949, BOAC was testing a 4 Day Old Short Solent for Passenger Service, The Flying Boat will fly over the English Channel for 20 Minutes before entering service, On board are 5 Crew, Captain Samuel Roberts,32 with 58 Hours, this is is first flight on a Short Solent,First Officer James Willis,53 with 45 Hours, at the time he was BOAC's oldest Pilot, Navigator Crispus Butler,24 with 15 Hours, this is his first flight with BOAC, Mechanic Samuel Fisher,19, also on board is Patrick Edwards,52 a supervisor of BOAC, At 4:46 AM, The Solent takes off, but 3 Minutes en flight , Both the Pilots try to declare an emergency but fail and crashes into the English Channel, Roberts,Willis,Butler and Edwards were killed on impact but Samuel Fisher initially survived the crash but drowned while waiting for help, All 5 on board were killed

    The Reason the Solent crashed shortly after takeoff remains unclear but its highly believed it was due to pilot error due to lack of Crew Experience

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    Jan 31, 2017
    Nevada Aviation Airways An-12B 1989 Crash
    Nevada Aviation Airways Flight 9518 was a scheduled cargo flight from the So Cal Nevada Interstate Airport to Salt Lake International. On May 2, 1989, the flight was operated using an Antonov An-12B, registration N58BG, when it crashed into a hill when the aircraft ran out of fuel in Utah USA. The four crew members were fatally injured.

    Date : 2 / May / 1989
    Site : Utah, USA
    Summary : Fuel exhaustion
    Aircraft Type : Antonov An-12B
    Operator : Nevada Aviation Airways
    Registration : N58BG
    Crew : 4
    Survivors : 0
    Fatalities : 4 (all)
    Damage : Destroyed
    Phase : Enroute
    Nature : Scheduled Cargo Flight
    Departure Airport : So Cal Nevada Interstate Airport, Nevada, USA
    Destination Airport : Salt Lake International Airport, Utah, USA

    - History of the Flight:
    On May 2nd, 1989, an Antonov An-12B, registered N58BG, impacted terrain in Utah, USA. The four crew members sustained fatal injures and the aircraft was destroyed. The aircraft was owned and operated by Nevada Aviation Airways. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 121 domestic cargo flight, which originated from So Cal Nevada Interstate Airfiled, Nevada, and was destined for Salt Lake International, Utah.

    The ATC reported to the IIC that the crew reported that they've lost fuel and were trying to make an emergency landing. There were no further messages and emergency services were called.

    An on scene examination determined that all components of the airframe and the engine were located at the accident site. The cockpit and mid section were highly fragmented. The tail section and control surfaces sustained heavy impact damage.

    The aircraft was equipped with a cockpit voice recorder, but there wasn't a flight data recorder. An on scene examination of the airframe and engines revealed that there were no failures or malfunctions that could have effected normal operation of the flight.

    It was determined that the fuel onboard was enough for a 1:30 hour flight. The flight from So Cal to Utah need two hours as stated in the company's operation plans.

    - Cause:
    • The flight crew's failure to ensure an adequate fuel supply for the flight, which led to the stoppage of all four engines due to fuel exhaustion. Contributing to the accident were the flight crew's failure to monitor the airplane's fuel state and the flight crew's failure to maintain directional control after the initial engine stoppage.
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    Apr 5, 2016
    IndiGo 11

    (A IndiGo ATR 72 similar to one involved during a delivery flight at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in January of 2019)

    Operator: IndiGo
    Date: May 24th,2019
    Summary: CFIT due to Pilot Error due to lack of experience
    Site: Near Tenzing-Hillary Airport,Nepal (Lukla Airport)
    Aircraft: ATR 72
    Registration: F-WWEW
    Fatalities: 12 (Both Pilots,10 Passengers) (3 Died from injuries)
    Survivor:12 (1 Flight Attendant,11 Passengers) (15 Initially)
    Injuries (Non Fatal): 8 (1 Flight Attendant,7 Passengers)
    Nature: International Scheduled Passenger
    Phase: Landing
    Origin Airport: Gaya Airport,India
    Destination Airport: Lukla Airport (Tenzing-Hillary Airport),Nepal
    Flight Number: 11
    Damage: Destroyed

    On May 24th,2019, IndiGo Flight 11 is preparing to land at Tenzing-Hillary Aiprort (Aka Luka Airport) in Nepal, The Flight originated at Gaya Airport in India, The Plane is a 3 Month old ATR 72 registered as F-WWEW, On board are 3 Crew, Captain Amrit Shiravadakar,34 with 660 Hours (Including 120 Hours on ATR 72s, he served with IndoGo for 5 Months), First Officer Dhuleep Pandya,29 with 985 Hours (Including 310 Hours on ATR 72s, he served with IndoGo for half a year) and a Flight Attendant Urvasi Ayyar,18 who only served with IndiGo for 2 Weeks. On board are 21 Passengers, All of them on a expedition group to Mount Everest. While landing the pilots are trying to correct the Plane's altitude to land. The ATR 72 crashes 755 Feet from Runway 06, on impact both pilots and 7 Passengers were killed, two Nepalese Passengers died on May 26th while an Indian Passenger died from his injuries on July 5th, Stewardess Ayyar and 11 Passengers survived, She and 7 of those passengers suffered from various injuries

    :India:18 (15 Passengers,3 Crew) (9 Killed,9 Survived)
    :Japan:1 (Passenger) (Survived)
    :Nepal:4 (All Passengers) (3 Killed,1 Survived)
    :United States:1 (Passenger) (Survived)

    The Crash was investigated by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau with help from the NTSB and on October 4th they announced this as the cause of the accident:

    The Lack of experience of the Pilots on the flight route and Aircraft resulting in Control Flight into Terrain

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Federal Express 1147

    (A Federal Express Boeing 727-200F in 1991 at Miami International Airport, the same airport Flight 1147 stopped at)

    Operator: Federal Express (Later Fedex Express)
    Date; November 10th,1988
    Summary: CFIT due to Pilot Error on Landing
    Site: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport,Puerto Rico,United States
    Aircraft: Boeing 727-200F
    Registration: N211FE
    Passengers:2 (Both Deadheading Fedex Employees)
    Survivors: 4 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal): 4 (All) (3 Minor,1 Serious)
    Nature: Domestic Scheduled Cargo
    Phase: Landing
    Origin Airport: Memphis International Airport,Tennessee,United States
    Stopover Airport: Miami International Airport,Florida,United States
    Destination Airport: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport,Puerto Rico,United States
    Flight Number: 1147
    Damage: Destroyed (By Fire)

    On November 10th,1988 at 4:48 AM, Federal Express Flight 1147 is flying over Puerto Rico bound for Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, The Flight originated at Memphis International Airport in Tennessee and had a stopover at Miami International Airport in Florida, The Plane is a 25 Year Old Boeing 727-200F, Registered as N211FE, It first operated for Eastern Airlines from 1964 to 1975, then served with Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) from 1975-1981 and was bought and converted into a freighter by Federal Express in 1982, On board are 2 Crew, Captain Casey Thompson,55 with 19,420 Hours (Including 7,150 Hours on Boeing 727s, He served with Federal Express since 1984, he formerly served with Delta Airlines from 1979 to 1983) and First Officer Paul Manning,27 with 5,250 Hours (Including 1,760 Hours on Boeing 727s, he served with Federal Express since 1985), Also on board are 2 Deadheading Federal Express Employees, Michael Abrahamowicz,29 and Scott Miramontes,18 who are both sleeping in the jumpseats, ATC tells Flight 1147 to land on Runway 10, Ar 4:51 AM, Flight 1147 lands on Runway 10 but bounces and Crashes All Occupants survived the crash and were injured (With Abrahamowicz having serious injuries), they managed to escape the 727 two minutes after crashing and 40 seconds before the plane caught fire from cargo. The Fire destroys the 727, It was the first hull lost of Federal Express (Later Fedex Express)

    The NTSB investigated the accident and detirmed that Captain Thompson fails to correct speed while landing resulting him to try to Turnaround but resulting into Control Flight into Terrain.

    Captain Thompson and First Officer Manning were suspended for 5 Months due to their injuries. Captain Thompson remained with Fedex Express until retiring in 2001, he died from Lung Cancer on May 8th,2011, at Age 68, First Officer Manning remained with Fedex Express until 1999, he then served with Southwest Airlines from 2000 to 2013, he is currently serving with Sun Country

    Fedex still uses Flight 1147 as a flight from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport to Dallas/Forth Worth Airport

    Fedex still flies from Memphis to San Juan both with no stopover in Miami

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    Apr 5, 2016
    1969 Boeing 747/ RC Plane Incident

    (N7470, The Boeing 747 involved on display in 1968, It's the first 747 ever built)

    Operator: Boeing
    Date: December 3rd, 1969
    Summary: Teenager deliberately crashes his RC Plane into Boeing 747 during Takeoff
    Site: Paine Field,Washington,United States
    Aircraft: Boeing 747-100,
    Registration: N7470
    Crew:4 (All)
    Survivors:4 (All)
    Injuries (Non Fatal):0
    Nature: Test
    Phase: Takeoff
    Origin Airport: Paine Field,Washington,United States
    Destination Airport: Paine Field,Washington,United States
    Flight Number:N/A
    Damage: Small scratches to 747, repaired

    On December 3rd,1969, Boeing was testing N7470, a Boeing 747-100, the first ever built for a small test flight to and from Paine Field,Washington,United States, On board are 4 Crew, Captain Jack Kenyon,35 with 10,520 Hours, he is a Pilot for Pan American World Airways, this is his first flight on a Boeing 747, First Officer Lawrence Holloway,44 with 13,100 Hours, he is a Pilot for United Airlines, this is also his first flight on a Boeing 747, Second Officer John Velasco,29 with 8,420 Hours, he is a Second Officer for Trans World Airlines and his second flight on a Boeing 747, the first being a test flight the week prior and a Boeing Employee Benjamin Muniz,52, Nearby on the ground is 15 Year old Michael Green flying his Remote Control Beechcraft Bonanza Model Plane near the field, at 1:30 PM, he flies the RC Plane into the right wing of the 747 destroying the Model Plane and causing Small scratches to the wing of the 747, t at 1:46, the 747 lands at Paine Field with the crew not realizing the RC Plane striking the plane until told by several witnesses. Immediately after the collision, Green hitched a ride home to Seattle,

    Arrest of Michael Green and the Boeing v Green Trial:

    On December 6th,1969, Michael Green was arrested by Seattle Police after being identified as the Operator of the Remote Control Plane, Boeing decided to Sue Green and go to Trial, The Crew of the 747 and several witnesses testified in Court in a case leading two weeks, Michael said he didn't mean to fly the RC plane into the 747 but according to Friends,Green's Mother and several RC Plane flyers Green confessed in Planing on bringing down several Planes with RC Planes while they take off at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, In the end Green was found guilty of Assault with intent of doing Bodily Harm and sentenced to 2 Months in Jail with 130 Hours of Community Service with $10,000 Bail. He was released in February of 1970.

    Captain Kenyon continued to Serve with Pan American World Airways until its Bankruptcy in 1991, he died from a Heart Attack in 2009

    First Officer Holloway continued to serve with United Airlines until 1982, he died from a Stroke in 1997

    Second Officer Velasco continued to serve with Trans World Airlines until 1993, he currently lives in San Diego,California with his Wife

    Green committed suicide in 1974 from jumping in front of a train

    N7470, the Boeing 747 involved was repaired and currently on display at The Museum of Flight in King County,Washington since 2003

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