EMG R-One concept 2020 2.0

A RWD track beast

  1. TheCrySick
    ‘’Light is right’’, Colin Chapman (engineer, inventor, and founder of Lotus cars)

    Hello everyone, today, I’m going to show you my biggest project: a RWD track beast, the EMG R-One concept 2020.

    Be prepared for a long presentation!

    All in this car is designed to be as light as possible: massive use of carbon fiber, monocoque chassis, no power steering, low safety level, 1.9L mid-engine, optimized brake size … The result was just too light (705kg), so I have change the body panels´s material for a final weight of 950kg.

    It’s recommended to use this car without ESP, even for keyboard users, if you want to use it at its full potential. The suspension and tire settings give to the car an awesome grip. This beast can handle a side acceleration of 1.4g at low speed, and almost 2g at high speed with its extreme aerodynamic configuration. If you try to take a corner too fast, this track toy will understeer and stay perfectly controllable, at low speed and at high speed. As a result of all this, the EMG R-One concept is quite easy to drive. But you have to know that the car tends to oversteer for better cornering abilities.

    This car is designed to be RWD, but if you have trouble driving it, you can find an AWD transmission in the part selector :)

    You will find in this car probably one of the most glorious engines of all automation cars. Why? Well, because this tiny 1.9L inline 6 turbo engine produce 530hp. That’s right, this engine has an efficiency of 279hp/liter, my personal best score! But, to be honest, this engine has two downsides. First, the engine needs to be use between 4000rpm and 8000rpm. Under 4000rpm, it has almost no torque. The maximum power is reached at 8000rpm. The second downside of the engine is… the sound. The sound is really ugly. Because of that, this car use a custom sound.

    If you think this car deserve more power, you can install a supercharger, pushing the engine until 677hp. If it still not enough, then you can use the fully customizable NO2 system!

    • 2-Seq: stock engine, RWD 7-speed sequential gearbox, top speed: 270kph
    • 2-DCT: stock engine, RWD 7-speed DCT, top speed: 270kph
    • 2-M: stock engine, RWD 6-speed manual gearbox, top speed: 270kph
    • 2-Seq SC: supercharged engine, RWD 7-speed sequential gearbox, top speed: 320kph
    • 2-DCT SC: supercharged engine, RWD 7-speed DCT, top speed: 320kph
    • 2-M SC: supercharged engine, RWD 6-speed manual gearbox, top speed: 320kph
    • 4-DCT: stock engine, AWD 7-speed DCT, top speed: 270kph

    Global specs (for the 2-seq configuration):

    The history behind the car:
    I have started this project in september 2019. I have made a huge number of prototypes, you can even try one of them, named EMG S599 2020, with my car pack. The first build was a front engine car, but the handling in corner was amazingly bad, this car was an understeering machine. I have tried to put the engine in another location. Because the mid position can only fit small engine, for the second build, I choose a rear engine configuration. The EMG S599 2020 is the last version of this build. The handling was just the exact opposite of the first build. This car is almost undriveable, because all the weight is on the rear, making this car oversteer as hell. For the third build, I have chosen a mid-engine configuration. The first prototype was running with a 1,2L inline 4 turbo engine, who produce 120hp. The result was pretty nice, the balance was way better than the two previous builds, even if it was far from perfect. Also, because of the lack of power, the car was boring to drive. First, I have tried to do the biggest engine possible in this configuration: 1.9L inline 6 turbo engine. When I was satisfied with the engine, I have started working on the chassis, to get the final result that you can try out now!

    One last thing, the ‘’39’’ on the side of the car is not here for nothing. I have 39 different version of the R-One concept, each one come with a complete rework of something of the previous version, not just small adjustments or esthetical modifications. The S599 2020 that you can find in my car pack is the version 23.

    More than ever, any advice would be appreciated :)

    My replicas:
    Aston Martin DBS Volante 2009
    Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD 2015
    Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 1995
    Ferrari F355 Challenge 1998
    Ford Falcon XB GT 351c 1973
    Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0L 2000
    McLaren 650S (collaboration with @G-Farce)

    My biggest project:
    race variant: EMG R-One concept 2020
    road variant: EMG S5 s560 2020

Recent Reviews

  1. Thombike
    Version: 1.2
    I see many work in this car. And i see in data diagrams, that is veru understeer in it, but with this power it's pretty balanced on the road. What i really dont like - an overly large diffuser. So nice car with one so unreal detail.
    1. TheCrySick
      Author's Response

      Thanks for the review!

      I'm not only using automation's diagrams when I tune my car, it's a tool that provide some help, but I always test my car for a long time to see if anything is perfect, and I take note of what need to be reworked. The test session is probably the most time consuming part when I build a car :)

      For the rear diffuser, I'm quite agree with you, I think the rear and of the road version looks way better. But it's the best race diffuser thar I have, and I don't have the knowledge in modding for building one :(
      If you know one better, can you send me the link in PM please? :)
  2. D/C
    Version: 1.1
    i looked through all of your replicas and mods, they are all suprisingly good.
    i love your mind set when making these replicas
    1. TheCrySick
      Author's Response
      I’m glad you’ve liked them! I always try to do the cleanest work on each car, and I want them as perfect (and accurate for the replicas) as I possibly can! So, if you have any criticism on my work, and if you want to talk of this/those criticism with me, feel free to send me a PM! :)
  3. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    Advice? Do I have advice?. It's impressive that it handles the way it does being RWD, with esc, thank the aero. I don't like the instant power after 4krpm, yet.
    The sound...well your car looks a bit generic on the front end (like a ford mondeo), rear looks like an Aston, but overall it looks like the 2020 supra, so put a more interesting engine sound (sounds like a turbo i6 you have)..drop in a high revving ferrari v8, from a 458 italia to give it more luxury, and aim at the powerband being narrow and up top.

    Though these kind of quick racecars on slick tyres aren't exactly my cup of tea. I prefer rwd road cars where I can cruise sweeping roads in BeamNG with modest (under 350hp) power more than in any other game/sim
    1. TheCrySick
      Author's Response
      First, thank you for your feedback!

      I don’t really like the instant power after 4000rpm too, but sadly, I can’t put a bigger engine at this position. So I’m forced to keep it. :(

      Yes! I definitively going to try to do a custom sound! I can use the sound of the atmospheric V8 of my Ferrari 355, or maybe, try to use the sound of a flat 6 engine (to stay on the 6 cylinders’ domain). Thanks for the idea! :)

      I also like this kind of car! Maybe you will be pleased to know that I’m working on a road version of this car. It will use the same engine but tuned to develop 350hp (if I can figure how to do a custom sound, i will do it for this one too). You can see it on some pictures, at the left of the R-One concept, in blue. ;)
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