Beta IYB Hopper 8

Adds off road parts and more to the hopper.

  1. ItsYourBoi
    There is problems with texture right now, I will try to fix it asap.

    I'm actually not sure but I think you will need to disable my modpack or else it will be conflicting and stuff won't work correctly.

    After a millions years I finally made this mod work! (I hope so) So there's a lot of parts, I will do my best to find them all and write them down.


    I6 6.7L Diesel turbo

    Working shifter


    Side Armor

    Front Facia

    Variant Front Facia 1

    20190619000335_1.jpg 20190619000331_1.jpg



    Wire things


    Halo lights

    line lights

    45 line lights

    Roof Rack
    20200121031043_1.jpg 20200121031046_1.jpg 20200121031050_1.jpg

    Fixed V8 Twin turbo

    Retextured Crawler Springs and Shocks
    20200121031020_1.jpg 20200121031026_1.jpg

    And some changes and compatibility with the crawler chassis

    There's more stuff just download it if you want off road stuff... too lazy to make a good looking description


    jackedclassic.png littleBeast_va2.png monstertruck.png monstertruck_big.png mudbogger.png Off_road_custom.png off_road_custom_2.png off_road_custom_3.png off_road_custom_4.png off_road_custom_5.png offroadclassic.png stock.png tt_crawler.png Allterrain.png bicyclewheel.png bigboy.png bluebeast_va2.png casualoffroad.png deepforesttowingoffroad.png Dune_destroyer.png iyb_edition.png

    @Car_Killer good stuff btw


    Known bugs:

    lifted hopper will not drive straight.
    Texture of Turbo hood is a bit wierd.
    The wheel is in contact with the rollcage in the blue beast config.
    When the two lightbars(roof rack one and the windshield one) are attached it explodes.

    Recommended mods for the hopper:
    Dirty license plate

    Québec license plateébec.8310/

    Other good mods: By @ADAM001 By @Dyghaun By @hog0005 By @XxPROSEAL200xX By @Reactor_4aec By @torsion By @James2406

    Maps: By @ADAM001 By @Ghost187 By @primo3001 By @Straubz By @Ouerbacker By @runnertyler By @bob.blunderton

    I'm sure I forgot or don't know other good mods. You can tell me about them in a dm or in the discussion tab if one day I get one.

    Would sure do apreciate support :)

Recent Updates

  1. Crawler Update!
  2. Halo Lights, configs and other fixes
  3. finally

Recent Reviews

  1. Yenko
    Version: 8
    Awesome job dude! I love it.
    Just an issue that may be on my side. I downloaded your tire mod as well but some spare wheels lacks a tire on the back or on the rack. I've got a bare rim without any tire.
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Ayy Thanks! Yeah sorry for that, I updated my tires mod and I have to make some change to my hopper mod.
  2. Xuantong
    Version: 8
    I really like it, but for some reason when I spawn certain hoppers the tires are different from the one on the thumbnails. I have your tire mod and I tried redownloading the mod but it’s still doing this.
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      It's normal I updated my tire mod and changed some tire names. I have to update the hopper. Thanks for letting me know tho!
  3. Tux
    Version: 8
    It's awesome, but the portal axles need some actual work... I don't know if they broke after the update or if you never actually did them, but they're completely broken.
    The axle doesn't connect to the wheel hub... it's just lifted 6 inches above the hub, meaning when it spawns on the vehicle it spawns the rotor at that height while it is still connected to the wheel. When you actually roll forward, the rotor is off center and results in this:
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Yeah probably the last update broke it I'll fix it asap. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Jogaton7
    Version: 8
    love it, but recently when i put the portal axles on the front axle wont have power to it, is it on my side only? Can you test it, and if its a bug on the mod could you fix it? Anyway nice mod man
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Yeah it's a bit broken right now, I'll fix it when I'll have the time. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the late response I didn't get any notification
  5. DaddyLucifer
    Version: 8
    How can i get the 423 cui engine on other cars and truck i would love to do that ?
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      There's probably other mods that do this, thanks for the review!
  6. MercedesMichael
    Version: 8
    Nice to drive. I mainly use it for the very cool front fascia options, but I took one car for a spin, and I must say, I set it as my default vehicle immediately. Nice job with the mod! The only bug I've encountered has been the lifted hopper alignment problem, but as you stated you already knew about it. Honestly though, great job. Keep on making amazing mods like this!
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanks a looot! really do appreciate your review!
  7. NeoSlx
    Version: 8
    Love you and your work, not sure u remember me but whtvr. I have 1 complaint; the "roof rack" that u made causes the rear tires to pop when hitting a jump or something, because the tires hit the back part of the roll cage kinda thing. Love if youd change that ty
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Ohhhh that's why they pop... Yeah I'm going to fix that. Thanks for letting me know!
    Version: 7
    i love it is an awesome mod
    butt plz fix iyb roamer ;)
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanksssss! I'll do my best ahaha
  9. Blv Beam
    Blv Beam
    Version: 7
    It would be awesome but every time ive tried re-downloading from the website or the repository it says its downloaded yet its nowhere to be found.. Ive tried resetting the game, clearing the cache, It wont even show up in the mod tab on the mods menu.
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      heum I really don't know. It's 100% sure on your side tho
  10. Dead_Mouse
    Version: 7
    the wheels fall off every time i spawn any of the configs, iv tried clearing cache and redownloading mods. i dont have your modpack so that not colliding with it ether. Dont know what to do
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      It's probably a compatibility issue on your side, cause it's good on my clean mod free other PC like I said in the other reply
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