Le Mans Hyper Car Pack (3 cars) 1.2

Inspired by the 2021 Le Mans regulation changes!

  1. NitroNihon
    Motorsports fans are receiving yet another treat! Those familiar with the Le Mans 24 Hours may be aware of the regulation changes within the coming years that will change the current LMP1 class to .. essentially .. hyper cars!

    This is my own interpretation of this class, not closely following any of the proposed limits. Basically, make them as fast and driveable as possible. The results greatly varied...





    • The Karma Cobra was quite frankly the best of the bunch (before the Odesson team updated their car from the Rigarisa to the Malone). With its slightly smaller size and high downforce, it can take the Automation Test Track's Slingshot at 175 MPH full throttle! It's downside is a slight lack of straight line speed and acceleration, being as it's inline-six can only produce 706hp, but its supreme cornering should more than make up for that.
    • The Camoa Lafaso was designed for speed in mind with its low-drag body and lack of downforce. With a tighter gear ratio, it suffers out of slow speed corners, but accelerates quicker than any of its competitors once its twin-turbos kick in.
    • The Odesson Rigariosa had been scrapped by the team due to its extreme weight which caused it to bottom out horribly. But instead of giving up, the Odesson crew reworked their original styling and created the Odesson Malone, a vastly superior model that has outperformed its competition. Click here to grab the updated Odesson!
    • A 4th car can be found by clicking here! The Falcon Hyper Sport.

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