Beta Rally Mode: smart co-driver & stages with pacenotes 0.3

A configurable co-driver, support for easy pacenote editing, and long time trials with pacenotes.

  1. lellolillili
    In this mod
    1. New pacenote system that makes pacenote creation and editing simpler
    2. Co-driver configuration (e.g. callout distance)
    3. Immersion tweaks: removes the tall orange and black waypoint columns and the sound played when crossing them
    4. >20 unique, long rally stages with pacenotes for vanilla and mod maps
    Requires the Pacenotes Core mod by Dummiesman.

    Hit 'R' or 'CTRL-R' at the beginning of a stage to mute the waypoint sounds.

    If the mod doesn't work at first, or stops working/breaks other scenarios: restart lua (CTRL-L). You can also delete and reinstall the mod.

    If you've made a local custom copy of the config file, you may need to manually update that when I update the mod.

    This is an actual beta test. Let me know if you're having issues. Thank you!

    Give me feedback, like, subscribe, review, tell your friends, and show me some love on the forums so I know people are playing and I'll try and work faster :)

    Stage list

    Make a request or see what stages I'm working on at the moment

    (new) El Ferrito's Jungle Rock Rally (@el_ferrito) [Download]
    1. Jungle Rock Island SS - 12.2 km (gravel)
    2. Port SS - 10.1 km (gravel)

    East Coast Dirt (@el_ferrito) [Dowload]
    1. Shakedown A - 5.4 km (gravel)
    2. Shakedown B - 4.1 km (gravel)
    3. Shakedown C - 3.0 km (gravel)
    4. SS: 1+2+3
    PJS (@BlackMetal) [Download]
    1. Tarmac SS - 7.5 km
    2. Gravel Shakedown - 5.1 km
    East Coast USA
    1. Gravel Shakedown - 5.1 km
    1. Gravel SS - 8.6 km
    2. Tarmac Shakedown - 4.5 km
    3. SS: 1+2
    Carvalho de Rei (@SomeVietnameseplayer) [Download]
    1. Carvalho de Rei Gravel 1 SS - 8.1 km (gravel)
    2. Carvalho de Rei Gravel 2 SS - 8.1 km (gravel)
    3. Carvalho de Rei Tarmac 1 SS - 8.1 km (tarmac)

    4. Carvalho de Rei Tarmac 2 SS - 8.1 km (tarmac)
    5. Carvalho de Rei Wet Tarmac 1 SS - 8.1 km (wet tarmac)
    6. Carvalho de Rei Wet Tarmac 2 SS - 8.1 km (wet tarmac)
    1. Castelletto SS - 14.6 km (tarmac)
    2. Norte-Portino SS - 14.1 km (tarmac)
    3. Fastello SS - 9.3 km (tarmac)
    4. Fastello-Castelletto SS - 10.0 km (tarmac)
    5. Castelletto Shakedown - 3.5 km (tarmac)
    6. Passo Del Chiurlo SS - 11.5 km (gravel)
    7. San Toltego SS - 8.4 km (gravel)
    Jungle Rock Island
    1. Jungle Rock Island SS - 12.2 km (tarmac)
    2. Port SS - 10.1 km (mixed)
    3. Jungle SS - 5.9 km (gravel)
    Small Island
    1. Small Island SS - 6.1 km (mixed)


    Volume - Unpack the Pacenotes Core mod. Open the file mods/unpacked/pacenotemod/scripts/pacenotes/extension.lua. You can configure it by editing from line 15:
    -- sound settings
    local defaultSoundData = {
                                volume = 7,
                                pitch = 1,
                                fadeInTime = -1,
                                fadeOutTime = -1,
                                unique = false
    volume=7 is default, and it's a bit hard to hear in the driver camera in some of the cars (it's fine for hood cam though). Setting volume=10 is a good setting for driver camera, but you're free to experiment with it. For reference: 5 is really quiet, and 18 is way too loud.

    Pacenote director - The configuration file is in pacenoteDirector/settings/rallyconfig.ini. You can either unpack the mod and modify it directly, or copypaste it into the local settings folder. There are many options in it. Open up the config file, read its content, and modify it as needed. Sometimes, when I update the mod, bits of the code will change and you'll need to use newer versions of the config file.

    Write your own pacenotes and edit existing ones

    See this tutorial


    Thank you @angelo234 for helping out with the pacenotes for Carvalho de Rei, as well as with some really important parts of the code, and testing.

    Thank you @BlackMetal for giving me permission to use their props on my Time Trials.

    Thank you to all map the authors that made maps that work well for rallying.

    Thank you @Darthbob555 for helping me out with game engine modding!


    If you're interested in the project of turning BeamNG into a rally game, PM me. There are a million ways you can contribute to the project.
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Recent Updates

  1. co-driver improvements, more rallyes, and fixes
  2. Small update
  3. Bug fix

Recent Reviews

  1. TeJoeTheHoe
    Version: 0.3
    I love this mod.
    Been using it everyday and was a blast playing it, but when i updated it the voice of the co driver was very robtic and hard to understand. I would like to have the old voice, i have a feeling its no supose to be like this.
    can i get anyhelp?
    1. lellolillili
      Author's Response
      Can you send me a couple of snippets of samples that don't sound right to you? (maybe on the forum post, so other people can contribute) I was hoping it'd sound better after the update, but maybe some of the samples are bad.
  2. mhegai
    Version: 0.3
  3. angelo234
    Version: 0.3
    very good
  4. Turbo49>
    Version: 0.3
    1. lellolillili
  5. cosmo centrale
    cosmo centrale
    Version: 0.23
    must have for rally
  6. angelo234
    Version: 0.22
    No more "No Mesh" for me on EC USA :)
  7. Turbo49>
    Version: 0.22
    On the East Coast and east Coast Dirt rallies, multiple barriers/props including the start/finish line shows "no mesh" instead.
    1. lellolillili
      Author's Response
      Make sure you have the last version. My fixes only got approved around the time you wrote this.
  8. jetFire55
    Version: 0.1
    Very cool! Consider adding some shorter stages next!
    1. lellolillili
      Author's Response
      Already considered, and will do. At first, all shorter stages are going to be 3 to 5 km sections of the longer stages. I think I'll add them right after I do a couple more long rallies on vanilla maps (Utah is probably up next).
  9. angelo234
    Version: 0.1
    Its here!
  10. Leavs_theSirenEnthusiast
    Version: 0.1
    This is pretty cool!
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