Soft-body physics

The BeamNG physics engine is at the core of the most detailed and authentic vehicle simulation you’ve ever seen in a game. Every component of a vehicle is simulated in real-time using nodes (mass points) and beams (springs). Crashes feel visceral, as the game uses an incredibly accurate damage model.

Vehicles offers dozens of refined, completely customizable vehicles to experiment with. Whether it’s a compact car or massive truck, players can tweak away at all the moving parts to create just about any driving experience desirable. Wheels, suspension, engines, and more; everything is under your control.


There’s plenty to discover while driving. Featuring 12 sprawling, beautiful open-world environments, the terrain feels as vast and diverse as the gameplay options. Test out a new setup through tropical jungle passages, barren deserts, urban boulevards, packed highways, and much more.

And more

Game modes



Dive into a complete series of linear missions! With varying difficulty levels these are perfect for beginners and veterans alike.


There are loads of scenarios that stick to certain themes, enabling any driving enthusiast can find something that speaks to them. Complete a truck delivery request as fast and efficiently as possible, or outrun police cruisers in a hot pursuit.


Choose a vehicle, environment, and route and put yourself to the test! Refine your skills and compete against yourself while improving your best time.


Don't want to feel limited? Take any vehicle to a destination of choice and start exploring. Experimentation is also key in this game mode, as objects and environmental conditions can be manipulated. Try revving up wind speeds for a challenge, or altering gravity!

Featured mod

1976 Ibishu Claria

by LJ74 The featured mod for this month is the 1976 Ibishu Claria, a vintage station wagon of exceptional quality by modder LJ74.

This great-looking hardtop station wagon offers four different interior styles and a variety of exterior trims, three different wheels with variations, and three hubcap styles. The Claria also offers a variety of configurations including a superb drift configuration.

All of that doesn’t even get into this mod’s superb jbeaming and sound, both of which offer that extra touch of realism not every vehicle reaches.

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