v0.25 - Spark Your Passion

Version 0.25 is here, and it’s Christmas in June! Well, not really, but with a new vehicle, a metric truck-load of new missions (that’s a precise scientific measurement!), the return of the Garage Mode and a stack of gameplay improvements, you’d be forgiven for thinking so.

Civetta Scintilla

After a long silence, the owl finally shows its talons once again! New to BeamNG.Drive in Version 0.25 is the landmark addition of the fierce and charming Civetta Scintilla, a modern supercar powered by a naturally-aspirated V10 engine that’s ready to spark your passion! The Scintilla is the most advanced car in our line-up, pushing the envelope with complex driving dynamics systems, a unique physics skeleton and one of the longest, most intensive design periods of any BeamNG vehicle, resulting in a truly refined machine.


Offering numerous configurations both factory and custom, from the smooth, curve-carving GT Spyder to the raw and ferocious GTs Corse, or the professional and refined Race configuration to the insane, turbo-diesel swapped Off-Road, the Scintilla has something for everyone. Openable butterfly doors, an active rear spoiler, digital dashboard, rear or all-wheel drive, hardtop or spyder, V10 engine with aftermarket twin turbo kit, and an abundance of customization parts that you can look forward to when you take this baby for a spin!

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on the new implementation of openable doors; please keep in mind that only the driver door can be opened with a key binding, all doors can be opened through the vehicle triggers though. This feature is still under active development, and we have several improvements in the works.

The all-new digital racing dashboard is highly customizable and available on several cars already with more to come in the future!

We’ve also made some improvements to the Bruckell Bastion, Cherrier FCV, ETK 800 series, ETK K-series, Hirochi SBR4, Gavril H-Series, and the Soliad Wendover as well as broader vehicle fixes, audio improvements, and sprinkled a couple of new wheels on top.

Garage Mode

The Garage Mode is getting a long-awaited revamp and while it’s still a work in progress, it’s ready for you to play in! The Garage Mode has its own dedicated UI, with Garage and Vehicle options – for the moment these only include lighting – and integrated vehicle options.


We’ve added nearly 100 new missions, including several new mission types. The new AI Race, Cannon, Crawl, Hypermilling, and Run For Your Life mission types will add some excitement to your life. And the already existing Scenarios Garage-to-Garage Delivery and Barrelknocker have also been ported to the mission system and are now available across multiple maps.

In the meantime, we have updated the Delivery, Drift, and Drag mission types with new missions and some fixes. The Driver Training Campaign has been ported into the Mission System with several updated and added missions. The Campaign is also no longer linear, but branching: one mission might unlock multiple others, or you need to complete more than one mission to unlock the next.

We’ve also added local leaderboards for all the missions, showing your best or recent attempts together with stats like scores, times or distances, depending on the mission type. These stats are also displayed on the Map View and Mission-Start and -End screens. We’ve also fixed issues with bus stops and pathfinding for some Bus Mode missions, and made several minor bug fixes.

On the levels side the process of updating maps to PBR continues - road and terrain textures have been upgraded on all but three maps (don’t be sad, Italy, West Coast, and Automation, we’ll get to you as well!), and rocks were upgraded across all maps except Automation. Almost all maps received numerous small fixes and improvements as well.

Most of the traffic system has been re-done. Traffic can now have distinct roles, with support for custom and flowgraph roles. We’ve implemented standard, suspect, police, and service roles. All traffic vehicles now track their own driving and pursuit data, this means that police can automatically pull over and chase other vehicles in the system, as well as other interactions. We’ve also changed the traffic settings in Options, and made a host of fixes and improvements.

We will return shortly with more teasers on the upcoming content! With a few more polishing touches, the remastered Covet will be coming in the next major release, as well as even more PBR, Garage improvements, and so much more, stay tuned!

Check out the full patch notes here for further details!


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