Minor Update V0.23.3 Released


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Introducing Vulkan API
Deprecation of DirectX10 Support
Announcing Automation & Collaboration!
West Coast USA – Preview
Trading Cards!
We Are Hiring!
Vehicle Handling Overview
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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Minor Update V0.23.3 Released
Minor Update V0.23.2 Released
Minor Update V0.23.1 Released
The 2021 Summer Release – V0.23
Tire Physics Changes
New Vehicle Reveal: The Cherrier Vivace
Color Space, Lighting and HDR Rendering
Teaser Video – New Car: Gavril Bluebuck

Patch notes

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Minor Update V0.23.3 Release Notes

Minor Update V0.23.2 Release Notes V0.23.1 Release Notes V0.23 Release Notes

Minor Update V0.22.3 Released

Minor Update V0.22.2 Released

Minor Update V0.22.1 Released

The 2021 Spring Release – V0.22