Unsupported firwood skin pack (with mods) 5.1

now you can use more vehicles to arrest in style

  1. jerrie
    this mod contains skins (and the config they belong to) of the firwood police department. it has a skin for almost every car, and some modded ones as well. i always loved them, and didnt want to wait on others to make them. if you have suggestions, give them to me.enjoy :)
    important: for the satsuma skin to work, you need to go to documents/beamng/vehicles. in vehicles make a map called satsuma210 and put the satsuma210.jbeam file in it. you can find that file and the discussion thread here: https://www.beamng.com/threads/firwood-skins-1-23-5-satuma-210-and-actual-thumbnails.63023/
    please dont mention this in the reviews if you havent done the steps above.

    thanks to @Djplopper for letting me use the firwood fire department skin
    thank you for @OuDacai for letting me use his lightbars, go check out his mods, they are really nice skins.
    these are the other mods you will need:
    kashira by @Re:Z_IA https://www.beamng.com/resources/1995-ibishu-kashira-gen-2.8319/

    the bitron b2 by @thomatoes50 https://www.beamng.com/resources/bitron-b2.2068/
    the vendetta by @Driv3r1142 https://beamng.com/resources/gavril-vendetta.3458/
    the gladiator by @Stoat Muldoon https://beamng.com/resources/gavril-gladiator.3783/
    the ibishu blackfoot by @atomspeed123 https://www.beamng.com/resources/ibishu-blackfoot.5794/
    the hirochi prasu by @crashmaster https://www.beamng.com/resources/hirochi-prasu.2251/
    the fintray roadsport by @Blijo https://beamng.com/resources/fintray-roadsport.10019/
    the codename fullsize and its addon by @SergentFido : https://www.beamng.com/resources/codename-oldsfullsize.1417/
    let the pics speak for themselfs:
    screenshot_2019-08-14_19-04-41.png screenshot_2019-08-14_19-06-16.png screenshot_2019-08-14_19-21-33.png screenshot_2019-08-14_19-59-39.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-08-38.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-09-12.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-18-23.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-22-32.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-31-30.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-37-07.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-43-00.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-55-42.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-22-42.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-30-01.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-36-10.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-49-15.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-52-03.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-54-08.png screenshot_2019-08-14_22-03-08.png screenshot_2019-08-14_22-15-02.png screenshot_2019-08-14_22-32-28.png screenshot_2019-08-14_22-36-05.png screenshot_2019-08-14_22-41-47.png screenshot_2019-08-14_19-53-25.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-14-35.png screenshot_2019-08-14_20-34-35.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-06-26.png screenshot_2019-08-14_22-23-54.png screenshot_2019-08-16_17-53-13.png screenshot_2019-06-23_19-27-48.png screenshot_2019-09-18_17-39-02.png screenshot_2019-10-13_18-08-03.png screenshot_2019-10-13_17-26-02.png screenshot_2019-08-14_21-59-55.png screenshot_2019-11-04_22-33-40.png screenshot_2019-11-04_22-38-24.png screenshot_2019-11-04_09-34-47.png screenshot_2019-10-29_17-12-30.png screenshot_2019-10-29_17-07-50.png screenshot_2019-11-10_16-24-03.png screenshot_2019-11-13_17-59-53.png screenshot_2019-12-24_22-30-43.png screenshot_2019-12-25_20-00-35.png screenshot_2019-12-24_23-26-52.png screenshot_2019-12-25_19-57-57.png screenshot_2019-12-25_20-26-09.png

    if you want a version with only some modded cars, just send me a message and ill make one for you

Recent Updates

  1. bug fix
  2. actual prices, lightbars and an etk i skin
  3. vivace is here

Recent Reviews

  1. beams_or_beans12$
    Version: 5.1
    i think this pack is great and fits perfect with most of the cars just one thing, can you make a tasticola pack?
  2. Rumen
    Version: 5
    Excellent! Best mod! New cars! Thanks for adding it!
  3. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: vivace 4
    ebic baguette kerr
  4. nowysen
    Version: 2 .3
    me lyeks.
    Mafia Shibe approves.
  5. BeamCar
    Version: 2 .3
    This impressive! How did you do this?!
    1. jerrie
      Author's Response
      Thanks, honestly what i did was grab a uv map, put the skin (like the firwood one) over it and made it fit, put it in game and tweak it untill im happy with it
  6. RetrO_TyT
    Version: 2.2
    i like it. this pack is really cool
  7. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 2.1
    Etk k series when
    1. jerrie
      Author's Response
      next update, which should be approved soon
  8. FX04
    Version: 1.22
    It's awesome for roleplaying.
  9. RB1:1
    Version: 1.22
    awsome i like lore based mods
  10. Kueso
    Version: 1.22
    great work!
    are all of the configs named police so they can be used in conjunction with the Traffic mod? (if you have a police car spawned and break the speed limit, hit it, etc) they will chase you.
    Overall, good work though!
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