Ford Falcon XB GT 351c 1973 1.0

A good old muscle car

  1. TheCrySick
    Hi everyone!

    The plan was to make my favorite car: The Mustang Mach1 1969 with its engine, the 351 Cleveland. But since there is no good base in Automation for an old mustang, I was forced to abort this project. But I found a good base for a Ford Falcon 1973, and this one has also used the 351 Cleveland. So, I’ve taken my engine, and I’ve started working on this project: A Ford Falcon XB GT 351c 1973.

    Like always, I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible!

    Just like the real one, this car come with ABS, but without ESP. This car is actually really fun to drive, it’s a real drift machine! But don’t be afraid, this car is not so hard to drive, and it’s pretty simple to handle the slides ;)

    Detailed specs

    Engine (with backfire):



    Global specs:

    Like always, feel free to send me any criticism! :)

    My replicas:
    Aston Martin DBS Volante 2009
    Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD 2015
    Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 1995
    Ferrari F355 Challenge 1998
    Ford Falcon XB GT 351c 1973
    Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0L 2000
    McLaren 650S (collaboration with @G-Farce)

    My biggest project:
    race variant: EMG R-One concept 2020
    road variant: EMG S5 s560 2020

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    How did I miss this one?
    Simply brilliant replica. Love it from the body to the driving.
    Slides so well, it's so controllable and it sounds just great. Everything is perfect here.
    1. TheCrySick
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate! :D

      It's been a while since I have not worked on a replica, but I'm completly stuck with the McLaren 650S. I just can't tune it properly :(
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