Bruckell Moonhawk released


It’s at about 99.9% and I’d say that makes it ready for the public! Free update for alpha testers. And here’s a video:

It’s still an alpha, as is everything in the game, so there are bound to be problems (some of which we already know about). There are some shaking issues, with the camera and the car itself, and I have yet to model a supercharger. Anyways, feedback (constructive) is appreciated, as always.

And if you don’t have alpha access yet, get it at πŸ™‚

To get the car, just run the updater!

One final note: This is the most CPU-intensive car yet (save for maybe the H45 Cabster) because it’s the most accurately simulated. You can take off the body and drive with just a perimeter frame.


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