Development Sneak Peek #7 & Update v0.15.0.6

Hello everyone,

As usual, we’re diligently working on adding new features, more content and doing various amounts of internal research.

Since that work typically doesn’t get visibility until it finally gets released in a major update, today we’re showing part of it. Today’s sneak peek is focused on the Italy map.

As we mentioned back when this map was first released, that initial version of Italy doesn’t include everything we had in mind. In a future update, you’ll be seeing more towns and official buildings, additional offroad trails, expanded seaport facilities and more, as shown below:

In parallel to the regular development process for major updates, we never forget about possible issues that the community brings to our attention. Today we’re bundling a small selection of the resulting bugfixes. The idea is to solve only the most important issues, risking overall stability as little as possible.

This fifth update for version 0.15 includes the following changes:


Instructions on how to update the game here.

That’s all for now!


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