Gavril H15 Drift Missile


So I’ve been inspired by some of the mods you guys have been making in the community, and I’ve overhauled all the Gavril V8 engines, adding engine tuning options and making “Drift Missile” variants of the Grand Marshal and H15. They’re stripped out, with 400+ horsepower, welded diffs, and an extraordinary amount of steering lock. Here’s a couple action shots of the H15 Drift Missile:

The D15 Sport and Off-Road are also getting the Stage 2 Engine Tuning with more than 400 horsepower. They’re beastly πŸ˜€

We’ve also been having some friendly internal competition with the lap timers we’ve been working on. Soon there’ll be a proper on-line leaderboard and we can all fight to the death for the fastest lap times πŸ˜‰


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