Tire model improvements: Round 2


We made some changes to our tire pressure (it was too high before) and it’s solved many irritating problems that we were beginning to give up on.

Numbness: Pretty much solved. The tires are beautifully stuck to the ground, responsive, and natural. The softer tire means it can adhere to the road better, rather than constantly sliding around from being too stiff. You could play this with a steering wheel with 900 degrees and unlike previous versions of the tire model, it won’t feel unrealistically numb or vague.

Straight line stability: Pretty much solved. Any RWD car can be floored from a stop without touching the steering (within reason) and won’t veer off, nor will it struggle to maintain a straight line at any speed with throttle applied. The Civetta Bolide went from being an undrivable mess in the early stages of the tire model to being extremely user-friendly and stable (and fast as hell! πŸ™‚ )

Suspension shaking: Getting there. Softer tires mean less stress on the suspension parts, so less undesirable shaking.

Launch traction: Pretty much solved. We were incrementally approaching realism, and I think we’re there now - there’s no unrealistically excessive wheelspin when accelerating.


BeamNG Major Updates

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The 2020 Summer Release – BeamNG v0.20
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β€œLa Vie Γ  Toute Vitesse” – BeamNG.drive v0.19
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Buckle up, heavy traffic ahead: Update 0.17 released
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Electrifying 0.16
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A Small Car on a Big Map – Version 0.15 released
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Light Runner – Version 0.14 Released
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The Automation Collaboration – Version 0.13 Released
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Get Busy – version 0.12 released
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Alpha version 0.11 – The Coast is Clear
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Sounds like version 0.10 is out!
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Hopping into 0.9
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Version 0.8 rolling in …
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Alpha version 0.7 released :)
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