The Automation Collaboration – Version 0.13 Released

Automation cars, a level and new sounds!

In this update, we are collaborating with the development team of Automation. Automation, developed by Camshaft Software, is a separate game revolving around managing your own car company and designing extremely detailed vehicles from scratch, and is getting an update today too.

This joint update allows users of to drive cars designed by Automation players, using the regular BeamNG mod repository. At the same time, players of Automation are able to export its vehicles, drive them in and submit them to our mod repository, for any owner to download and drive.

In addition to that, here’s some other highlights in this release:

As mentioned before, today Automation is also releasing an update that will allow you to export your Automation car designs to our game and test or trash them to your heart’s content. While the exporter comes with Automation, we really all put our

heads together to make it possible. You can pick up Automation and get started designing and sharing your own cars, or at least try out the cars that others share in the Repository!

If you decide to try Automation, here’s a useful guide to designing your first car:

Reminder: A cross Promotional Sale starts today! If you own either or Automation, you will get a Steam coupon to purchase the other game for 20% off! The coupon expires in three weeks.

On the home front, our physics programmers and audio engineers have been hard at work on improving vehicle sounds. We created physics-driven tire sounds for asphalt, dirt, gravel, grass, sand, and rumble strips!

Crash sounds also got a big improvement. Now all vehicle impacts can generate destruction sounds that have variety and proportion to their severity. Even the parts that fall off will continue making sound as they tumble away!

Turbocharger, blow-off valve, supercharger, and interior sounds have been reworked, and a lot of mixing and balancing has gone on behind the scenes.

Here’s the full changelog:





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Graphics Engine


Game engine

Known Issues

Instructions on how to update the game here.

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