Beta vehicles-by-LMP032-Racing 3.2

Vehicle-Pack by LMP032-Racing

  1. LMP032 Racing
    This is the Official Mod by LMP032-Racing.
    This mod pack contains 120 configurations!
    By Problems Please PM Me.

    Recommended mods for the Configuration Pack to work properly:
    Ford Crown Victoria:
    Nix D-Series Parts:
    Ibishu Saga:
    Lamborghini Gallardo:
    Gavril Grand Marshal Facelift:
    Wentward Pack:
    Barstow F2:
    Ibishu Miramar Coupe:
    D-Series Heavy Duty Parts:
    Bitron B2:
    Bolide Corse:
    B-Series Parts:
    Codename Fullsize:
    D-Troxx Wheel Pack:
    ETK8 Extension Pack:
    ETK W-Series:
    ETK 800 Two Tone:
    ETK 1300:
    Formula Cherrier F320:
    FFE-Motorsports V10-35SP:
    Ford Focus NA2:
    Fullsize IRS:
    Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack:
    Ibishu Kashira Gen 1:
    Lada Car Pack:
    Late Model Stock Car:
    Ibishu Kashira (Gen 2):
    Mitsubishi Evo IX:
    Man TGS Euro 6:
    Mazda MX5:
    96' Pessima Expansion Pack:
    Miramar Face Parts & Hopper Tailights & Parts:
    Nardelli Offroad Wheels:
    B-Series Offroad Semi:
    Oldfullsize Codename:
    Oldsfullsize Wheels Pack:
    Peugeot 205 GTi:
    Gavril D-Series Addon by AR162b:
    JDM D-Series "Ibishu Dove":

    Rally Miramar:
    Realistic EJ Engine Pack:
    Roth Alpha:
    Gavril T-Series Addon:
    Skoda 130:Škoda-742-series.51204/
    Gavril Vendetta:
    Hirochi Sunburst Expansion Pack :

    Toyota AE86:
    Trackfab Unlimited:
    Trackfab Autobello Buggy:
    Vivace 2.5L Super Diesel:
    D-Troxx Truck, Trailer and Bus Wheels:
    Fintray Roadsport:
    ETK I Series Coupe:
    GTG Commons Mod:
    Celica ST205:
    UrbanLORE Car Pack:
    Toyota 4Runner Gauge Cluster Re-Texture for Ibishu Hopper (km/h):
    Delta HF:
    CJD Special Tunes:

    Ibishu Chisai:
    AW Astro:
    Hirochi Prasu:
    Ultrawide Aftermarket Transmission Package:
    Ultrawide Aftermarket Transmission Package (Vehicle Mod Support):
    Full Changelog in The Zip-File.

    By reuploading this mod, redistributing or using my assets without permission in any way, you automatically agree you will pay LMP032 Racing $30 on PayPal. (Send LMP032 Racing a PM For more info, no exceptions possible whatsoever)
    You can use this mod in your (YouTube) videos as long as you credit the mod with a link in the description. Not crediting this mod will result in a copyright claim.


    1. 423V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    2. IbishuVisionConceptLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    3. V6CoupeLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    4. CoupeDieselLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    5. LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    6. 15HDDRallyLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    7. 423V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    8. V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    9. C230_LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    10. WagonDieselLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    11. LMP032-Racing.jpg
    12. LMP032-RacingM.png
    13. 30TurboDieselLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    14. Kc6txLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    15. LMP032-Racing.jpg
    16. WagonDieselLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    17. 1356ttsportLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    18. Kc6txLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    19. 30TurboDieselLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    20. LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    21. LMP032-Racing_M.jpg
    22. V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    23. XT6LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    24. 30ZXLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    25. 184204x4CargoboxLMP032-Racing_M.jpg
    26. AerocoupeLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    27. Hatch_LX_V6LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    28. V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    29. V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    30. 30LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    31. Delta88LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    32. 20ZXRallyLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    33. 20ZXStreetLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    34. 19LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    35. DieselLMP032-Racing.jpg
    36. 25TDX4WDLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    37. V84WDXTOffroadLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    38. S_AWDRallyLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    39. S_AWDStreetLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    40. 130GLLMP032-RacingM.jpg
    41. 423_M_LMP032-Racing.jpg
    42. 390CORSEV8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    43. H25LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    44. H25LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    45. V8LMP032-RacingM.jpg
    46. vivace190SdMLMP032-Racing.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Version 3.2
  2. Version 3.1
  3. Version 2.9

Recent Reviews

  1. m1ster_L
    Version: 3.1
    Super Geile Mod!
    Super cool Mod!
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
  2. BabyTeethLFA
    Version: 2.9
    I can imagine that it is a good mod, but my game crashed after loading your Barstow F2 xD
    I rly need a better PC
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
      Thanks Man.
  3. Spectxre
    Version: 2.9
    Cool! What is the name of that car in the top 2nd picture?
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
      Its a Hirochi Sunburst and thanks for the Review.
  4. OjassaPv
    Version: 2.3
    its good but after installing none of the vehicles show up
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
      Search in Configurations my Name and you find the Configs and Thanks for the Review.
  5. Nathan crash test
    Nathan crash test
    Version: 2.1
    Very cool
    1. LMP032 Racing
  6. carlover6x6
    Version: 1.9
    whaa this is gonna destrioy my computer
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
      By Problems please PM me.
  7. Forward Motion
    Forward Motion
    Version: 1.7
    I can't find them ingame after subscribing...
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
      Search in Configurations my Name and you find the Configs and Thanks for the Review.
  8. lewis88
    Version: 1.5
    Great pack, you should add the original mod links in the description or something like that
    1. LMP032 Racing
      Author's Response
      I've done this and thank you
  9. Nathan crash test
    Nathan crash test
    Version: 1.3
    This IS excellent pack 5stars!
    1. LMP032 Racing
  10. Tigo
    Version: 1.0
    Schon geil, falls du wunderst wer ich bin. ich bin daimonic80!
    1. LMP032 Racing
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